Riot and Spotify Announce League of Legends Esports Podcast

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Riot and Spotify Announce League of Legends Esports Podcast

Riot and Spotify have been partnered together since last August. This year they're bringing a brand new podcast for everything League of Legends Esports.

A majority of the esports world is based on Twitch, but over the years the audio audience has grown. On top of that, League of Legends is no stranger to the music industry. K/DA has over two million active monthly users. Riot and Spotify’s latest LoL podcast, Rift Reaction is hosted by Travis Gafford and Emily Rand. Every week they break down the biggest stories, cover all of the latest esports events, and even allow fans to weigh in with interactive polls.

Last year, they debuted their partnership with Untold Stories: Top Moments from Worlds leading up to the 10th annual League of Legends World Championship. Not only will there be a new podcast episode each week, but the LoL Esports hub will also serve as the center for everything League of Legends. New podcast episodes every week, all nine episodes of Untold Stories, new official music, and gaming-inspired playlists.

More than anything, this added insight into the world of League esports is always appreciated. The MSI Knockout Stage begins this Friday, so expect exclusive coverage on the first episode of Rift Reaction. As League of Legends continues to dominate as the most-watched esports, audio support is increasing. Twitch may be the dominant broadcast platform, but for accessibility reasons, streaming match audio to Spotify could be viable soon.

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