Activision Blizzard Celebrates Overwatch’s 5th Anniversary With Exclusive Concept Art

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Activision Blizzard Celebrates Overwatch’s 5th Anniversary With Exclusive Concept Art

Overwatch turns five years old this month and Activision Blizzard is celebrating with an updated selection in their “From the Vault” series.

This year is Blizzard’s 30th Anniversary, and to celebrate, every month they are releasing time-exclusive commemorative memorabilia. May is Overwatch’s 5th Anniversary and Blizzard is digging back to the development days of the hero shooter. This month, fans can pick up Overwatch Original Sketch Concept Art Print. This contains some of the first Overwatch art ever created. The art contains fan favorites like Mercy and Winston, but also a plethora of yet-to-be or benched heroes. The prints are only available for 30 days, adding to the exclusivity. And soon Blizzard will be selling 30th Anniversary Binders to hold these collectible prints as they release throughout the year.

The cover of the 30th Anniversary binder for the Activision Blizzard From the Vault series in shown along with an open page showing artwork.

“As passionate fans look back at the first five years of Overwatch and celebrate the franchise’s 5th Anniversary this month, Blizzard invites them to check out the Blizzard Gear Store’s wider range of Overwatch products also available for purchase or pre-order – such as Good Smile’s Jumbo D.Va MEKA Figurine, Mattel’s Overwatch Hot Wheels Assorted Set, Funko’s Bastion Pop! Figurine, and J!NX’s D.Va Overwatch Ultimate Full-Zip Hoodie Jacket, plus much more.”

Activision Blizzard is home to some of the most diverse worlds. And gripping stories that have captivated fans for 30 years. Every title from World of Warcraft to Overwatch has a dedicated community willing to get their hands on exclusive commemorative merchandise. The “From the Vault” collection rotates every 30 days on the second Thursday of the month. You can check out the updated store here.

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