Claim These Free Operator Skins in Warzone Mobile Before It’s Too Late

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Claim These Free Operator Skins in Warzone Mobile Before It’s Too Late

There are a couple of free Operator skins available in Warzone Mobile right now that you can easily claim, but you only have a few days to do so before they're gone. Here's how. 

How to Claim Ghost-Condemned Operator Skin

Many mobile games have very generous pre-registration rewards claiming periods. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile? Not so much. Activision has given players only two weeks to claim their pre-registration rewards, which include the Ghost-Condemned operator skin.

Don't forget to claim your pre-registration rewards, including the Condemned operator skin for Ghost, before April 3.
Image Source: Activision

Many gamers may have shied away from Warzone Mobile due to all the optimization and overheating issues plaguing the game at launch. Activision is still working on those, but it takes no time at all to claim some pre-registration rewards. Don't forget.

How to Claim Monster Clutch Operator Skin

Even if you're not a Monster Energy kind of person, who can say no to a free operator skin?

Don't forget to claim the Monster Clutch BBQ operator skin before it's too late.

To claim the Monster Clutch operator skin, you'll need to link your Call of Duty/Activision account to your Steam,, PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live account. Once you've done that, head to and use the following code:

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Doing so will unlock the Monster Clutch operator skin that is useable across Warzone, Warzone Mobile, and Modern Warfare 3. 

There doesn't appear to be a clear end date for this promotion, but if you look at the promo URL above, it contains s2-skin, which may mean this promotion will go away when season 3 begins on April 3. 

Don't take the chance of that proving correct, and claim it now. 

Claim These Free Operator Skins in Warzone Mobile Before It’s Too Late
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