Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 3 Recap

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Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 3 Recap

The first two teams to be eliminated in Masters Reykjavik were Japan’s Crazy Raccoon and Brazil’s YNG Sharks Esports.

If you doubted North American supremacy, chances are your social media has been scrubbed clean by now. From the incredible victory by Sentinels to the loss of two region representatives, Masters Reykjavik got real on Day 3. Let this sink in, by the third day of the first-ever international Valorant tournament, both EMEA teams are in the Lower Bracket. There is a real possibility that FNATIC or Team Liquid could be heading home if they make a mistake.

Crazy Raccoon and Sharks Esports Head Home

The first two matches of Day 3 were high stake throwdowns to stay in Masters. Elimination matches are terrifying for the players and fans, especially at the international level. The first match of the day was Japan’s last chance to stay at Masters, but X10 Esports had other plans. Crazy Racoon spent most of Haven trying to catch their breath and chain together round wins similar to their matchup against Version1. Icebox was a less than a favorable map to Crazy Raccoon, and they nearly got swept, unable to take a single round after the half on Attack. X10 is moving on to face FNATIC in the Lower Bracket and will need to take down the EMEA representative to keep the dream alive.

Following up this match was Sharks Esports versus KRU Esports and Brazil’s second representative went home. Once again Icebox turned into a bloodbath with KRU shutting out most of YNG Sharks’ aggression and plays. Bind felt slightly better for the Brazilian squad, but once KRU dug their heels in, it was all over. Even though they survived one more day, KRU will be going up against Team Liquid next, which is no easy feat. It took Version1 three maps to secure a win over Team Liquid, so KRU will need to be on the ball.

Sentinels vs. Team Vikings

North America’s prodigal son continues to rip through regions in Masters like it’s an open bracket tournament. Watching this series and looking back at the scores, Sentinels felt dominant for a majority of the series. TenZ and Friends tend to get cocky and go for flashy plays that may cost them a round. Most of the time Sentinels walk away with the win in situations where they really should have lost, but that has been a major part of this team’s charm. Team Vikings is a strong contender on the global Valorant stage, but they looked outpaced against the Sentinels. Even on Haven, Michael “dapr” Gulino playing Cypher had no fear or respect for the Brazilian team.

The fourth day of competition is terrifying when you consider that both EMEA teams could be heading home. On top of that, they will need to win every match from here on out if they want to make it back to the Grand Finals. The first match will be Version1 against NUTURN, the first time we will see a Korean team go head to head against an NA team. Whoever loses will head to the Lower Bracket to face off against the winner of FNATIC versus X10 Esports. The loser of the previously mentioned series will be packing their bags and heading home. The day ends with Team Liquid versus KRU Esports and this will be brutal if KRU isn’t prepared.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images.

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