Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 4 Recap

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Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 4 Recap

Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 4 sent another two teams home and put the EMEA region in a tough position.

The action is heating up in Reykjavik as the Valorant Masters Grand Finals approach. We take a look at Day 4's series.


The big swinging hammer in VALORANT known as North America has been put to a halt by an immovable force. The Korean overlords NUTURN put a stop to Version1’s hot streak through VALORANT Masters. Haven began with V1’s usual untamed aggression despite being on defense. NUTURN was unable to make rotations and find favorable positioning without the fear of someone already being pushed into their backline. V1 simply had the read on NUTURN on Haven and carried that dominance over to Ascent. NUTURN was able to read Version1’s plays, especially on retakes. Still, their reaction time was too slow for the NA pacing.

Oddly enough, the battle that captivated everyone was between the Sovas, Loic “effys” Sauvageau, and Kim “Lakia” Jong-min. Both teams attempted to keep a foot on the throat of the other while refusing to give up any positioning. Ascent and Split went to OT, and it was NUTURN reeling in their aggression that secured them the victory.

FNATIC vs. X10 Esports

Patiphan and Boaster were the poster children of this series and at this point, I’m convinced Riot uses technical pauses to gather meme content. X10 Esports is a promising team, showing just what the SEA team is capable of on a global scale. It was unfortunate how one-sided Icebox was, especially with how much potential X10 had at moments. The biggest issue was their lack of follow-up for Patiphan and his frontal assaults. Version1 was able to manage Patiphan on both maps leaving X10 without the spearhead to their spear.

A questionable defense on Haven spelled out defeat for the LATAM team, yet they somehow secured six rounds on the attack before the ending scoreline of 13-9.

Team Liquid vs. KRU Esports

The final match of the day ended with a bang as you would expect from a Team Liquid match. Split was an absolute bloodbath and was so far the most one-sided map we have seen in VALORANT Masters. Team Liquid showed up cracked today, ready to prove that they are still one of the best teams in the world. Unlike KRU esports, Team Liquid didn’t have a single win to their name, so there was a chip on their shoulder coming into this match. Ascent was a completely different story, and KRU came alive early on, preventing Team Liquid from building momentum. Once Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom got a taste of blood, they went wild.

Team Liquid closed it out with seven straight round wins for a final score of 13-9.

Only one EMEA team will have the chance to move on and compete in the Grand Finals. FNATIC and Version1 will go head to head as the #2 teams in each of their respective regions. Following that match, the ruthless Team Liquid will take on Brazil’s Team Vikings. To end the day, the #1 seed in NA, Sentinels, takes on the #1 seed in Korea, NUTURN.

This match is for region supremacy, not just the advancement to the Grand Finals. So far, the North American teams have beat every region except Korea. In the Lower Bracket, there is a real possibility that both of the EMEA teams could go home depending on how Version1 and Team Vikings play.

Feature Image: Riot Games

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