Riot Showcases New Valorant Agent, Astra

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Riot Showcases New Valorant Agent, Astra

Riot Games has announced the newest addition to Valorant, a controller agent from Ghana.

The long-awaited new agent has finally been revealed. Astra, hailing from Ghana, will be the newest addition to the Valorant cast. She will be a part of the controller class, and from what was shown in her trailer and leaked online, she will be more akin to Brimstone and Omen than a Viper-style character. This marks the first new addition to the class since the release of the game.

Astra's Abilities

Astra is a cosmic-themed agent and thus her abilities are framed in a celestial way. The controller’s kit is designed around her astral form which lets her fire two different Cosmic Divides. When charged, they create specific points on the map for her to use her abilities.

These Cosmic Divides, which look like stars, can be detonated using her Nebula, Nova Pulse, or Gravity Well abilities. Nebula is her smoke ability, Nova Pulse is a molly that concusses players and Gravity Well pulls enemies into the center of the ability and explodes while debuffing all who are trapped inside. Cosmic Divides can also be recalled and put in different areas after a certain duration.

The catch for such strong utility is that while in her Astral Form, Astra is vulnerable to enemies and can be killed while setting up Cosmic Divides.

Will Astra be viable?

Astra, unlike Yoru before her, looks like an agent that will be popular on release. Every team composition needs some sort of smoke character and Astra brings a new wrinkle of utility that Brimstone and Omen lack.

The new agent was touted as the perfect character for in-game leaders and it is easy to see why. Players who like to captain their team will be able to set up different utility with ease. They'll have access to supportive utility that can help teammates from afar.

Even in a solo ranked situation, Astra looks like the new hot agent for those wanting to control the game from afar.

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