Best Valorant Gekko Lineups on Lotus You Must Learn in 2023

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Best Valorant Gekko Lineups on Lotus You Must Learn in 2023

Master the following Valorant Gekko lineups on Lotus and dominate your ranked games

In the strategic landscape of Valorant, where information plays a paramount role, the significance of Initiators within a team composition cannot be overstated. At present, Valorant has six initiators on the roster, each bringing their distinct strengths to the table. The last agent to be added to the squad of Initiators was Gekko.

Initiators in Valorant can be categorized into two distinct groups. The first group comprises agents specializing in flashes and gathering information. On the other hand, the second group of Initiators is centered around scouting, utilizing their recon abilities to pinpoint the enemy locations. Gekko, however, has got characteristics of both worlds, along with some utilities that are unique to himself only.

What makes Gekko a Top Choice on Lotus?

Gekko’s utility makes him the ultimate agent to initiate plays. His distinctive toolkit, featuring a flash (Dizzy), molly (Mosh Pit), and the Wingman, positions him as a well-rounded support agent, complementing any team composition with finesse.  However, despite the uniqueness of his abilities, the other initiators remain favorites over the Amerian on most maps. 

Lotus, however, is an exception in this case. We have witnessed teams like Paper Rex masterfully running a composition with Gekko on Lotus, showcasing the agent's true potential. Lotus serves as a treasure trove for Gekko players, where his skills seamlessly blend into the map's dynamics, enhancing his impact and strategic value.

Although mastering lineups is not an absolute necessity to play Gekko effectively, delving into a few can undeniably elevate your gameplay to a significant extent. If you wish to learn the best Valorant Gekko lineups on the Lotus map, your search ends here, as we have got you covered.

Gekko lineups on Lotus

Image Source: Riot Games

Gekko Lineups on Lotus- Dizzy

Utilizing Geko's flashing ability, Dizzy, may seem straightforward, but mastering a few strategic lineups is essential to truly unleash its full potential. Here are the best Geko Dizzy lineups on Lotus:

  • Tree- A site

This flash is also known as the “cgrs flash”. Used in the Masters Tokyo event by the Pacific Champions, Paper Rex, we witnessed how lethal this lineup can get.

To make this work, go to the Tree area and position yourself at the corner like the clip above. Now, aim at the gap between the branches and jump-throw it. This flash will cover almost all of A-main and get everyone playing in A-Rubble and A-Root. 

This flash is best to shut off the enemy attack with counter-aggression of your own. Ensure your teammates are prepared and positioned at both A-site and A-link, ready to engage the opponent immediately after the flash's deployment.

  • A Site Default 

The purpose of this flash is quite similar to the one before. However, in addition to aggressive plays, you can use it to scout as well since it will detect anyone trying to get in from the A-lobby.

a default dizzy

Walk up to the wall like the image provided. Look straight above and throw dizzy. Make sure to jump before throwing to get Dizzy to its maximum height. Despite being easier to break than the Tree flash, its benefit is that you gain greater flexibility in the execution of the strategy, allowing you to be more proactive in the fight.

  • C-Main to Waterfall

This is a lineup for the attacking side. Position yourself near C-Mound and look towards this wall. Run up and perform a jump-throw to send Dizzy soaring over the wall, aimed towards the waterfall area. This will flash anyone who may be holding positions in that area, creating an opportunity for your teammates to secure easy kills.

c to waterfall

The plays can be most helpful when you have the intel indicating that the enemy is primarily attempting to retake the site from the waterfall side rather than from C-Halls. Using this flash can be an excellent tool for taking the fight to them and winning the round.

  • Waterfall to C-Main

Another lineup spot from the Waterfall area, but this one is used to contest the C-Main control. This flash can greatly facilitate your team’s aggression as the defending side in the C-Lobby/Main. Position yourself at the waterfall, facing towards C-long. Equip the Dizzy and throw it over the wall. This will efficiently flash any incoming enemies advancing through C-Lobby, providing your team with a significant advantage.

waterfall to c site

Gekko Lineups on Lotus- Mosh Pit

The Mosh Pit of Gekko is a valuable tool for delaying both the planting and defusal of the spike in Valorant. However, it's essential to bear in mind that opponents can opt to take the risk of tanking the damage from the molly and get the half-defuse. Hence, it is imperative to use the ability judiciously, ensuring first that the spike is not already defused halfway.

That being said, we present to you the best Valorant Gekko lineups on Lotus for the Mosh Pit.

  • A-Rubble

a main to def mosh

The attacking side can use This mosh pit lineup to delay the defusing of the bomb. Position yourself at this corner in A-rubble, like the image above. Aim your crosshair at this particular leaf and throw the molly. It will land on the box at Default, covering both sides of it.

  • A-Top

a top mosh

This Mosh Pit lineup is designed for the defending side. The Box at the A-site is the default plant spot. Positioned at A-top, aim at the wall opposite the box in A-site, then execute a throw to bounce the Mosh Pit onto the wall and land on the Box. This will effectively delay the enemy's spike plant, granting your team vital seconds for a well-coordinated retake.

  • A-Link to B Default

If you are playing at A-Link in a post-plant situation, this lineup will come in handy.

a link to b 

Here, you can exploit a hole in the wall that divides the A-Link and the B-Site to throw your Mosh Pit through it. By hugging the wall in the cubby area and aligning your aim as indicated in the image, execute the Mosh Pit throw, landing it precisely on the default plant spot. However, caution is necessary as proximity to the site makes you vulnerable to potential enemy pushes while lining up the Mosh Pit.

  • B-Main

Another mosh pit lineup for the B-site that can prove of massive help in post-plant situations. Position yourself atop the first box near B-Pillar and carefully place your Left Diamond Dot on the roof's edge, aligning with the image provided. Before you throw, make sure to jump. This will also land in default and disrupt the opponent trying to defuse.

b main moshpits 1

While this lineup presents significant advantages, it is essential to note that it takes a bit of time for the Mosh Pit to land, so timing is crucial. Additionally, jump throws in Valorant can exhibit slight inconsistencies, making it vital to gauge the situation first before you go for this lineup.

  • Waterfall to B Default

waterfall moshpits

This is an efficient lineup for the defending side in B-site. To pull it off, first, hug the corner in Waterfall, align your right diamond like the image above, and simply throw. It will go over the wall and land on B Site Default, delaying the plant.

  • C-Main

Regrettably, there are no reliable long-distance lineups for the Lotus C-site as the attacking side. The few existing options demand excessive precision, making them impractical and not worth pursuing in-game scenarios. However, let us show the alternative way to use your Mosh Pit in the C-site.

c site mosh

Position yourself just outside the site, maintaining readiness for potential peeks, as demonstrated in the provided image. Upon hearing the tap on the bomb, swiftly throw your Mosh Pit against the wall, utilizing the bounce to land it on C-default.

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Best Valorant Gekko Lineups on Lotus You Must Learn in 2023
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