Best VCT Agent Comp on Sunset in 2024

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Best VCT Agent Comp on Sunset in 2024

Here is the Agent comp on Sunset that pro teams have successfully used so far in VCT 2024.

The 2024 season of the Valorant Champions Tour is currently ongoing, and we have already seen the best rosters worldwide brawl at regional Kickoff tournaments and Masters Madrid

Valorant is an ever-changing first-person shooter where the meta constantly shifts, and while teams have tweaked their Agent comps on older maps, the game's newest map has seen the most experimentation with different Agents and roles. 

When Sunset first came out in 2023, we looked at the most used comps by the highest-ranked players to write our Agent comp guide. Teams followed a similar composition during the off-season. Fast forward to 2024, tier 1 names have brought their unique flares to this map, and things are looking very different.

After looking at the most used and most successful comps used in regional and international events, here is the best VCT Agent comp we have found that you can use on Sunset:

Best VCT Agent Comp on Sunset

The following composition consists of two Initiators and a single Controller, Sentinel and Duelist. This lineup was used by Sentinels at Masters Madrid, where the North Americans won the entire event

Now, teams like NRG and Karmine Corp have been using this comp in Stage 1 of regional events. 

While other teams have been experimenting with two Controllers with Viper in the mix, the results have not been as successful as the comp we are mentioning below. 

Duelist: Raze

Raze continues to be the most picked Dueliet in the majority of the maps during VCT. 

The close corners of certain areas on Sunset, such as the B Market and A Elbow, can be effectively cleared using Raze’s Boom Bot. It works even better when paired with her Paint Shells (E).

While these two abilities are great for clearing angles, those aren't the main factors that make her such a viable option on Sunset. Her Blast Packs (Q), even though the cheapest part of Raze's arsenal, are excellent for helping her take space and also get away from danger. 

The only downside of using Raze instead of Jett on this map is not having a strong Agent that can wield the Operator. On the bright side, this map is all about close-quarter fights, and having a sniper is not as important as on maps like Ascent and Breeze. 

Initiator #1: Gekko

After the massive Skye nerf at the start of 2024, Gekko has been dominating as the primary Initiator in professional matches. 

What sets Gekko apart from other Initiators is how you can use his abilities multiple times by picking them back up like ultimate orbs. This gives him a huge advantage over Skye, who only has two flashes per round. 

On defense, Gekko can collect valuable information with his Dizzy (E) and then collect it afterwards for multiple uses. Then, the signature ability is available for retakes. This ability can be used in the same way on the attacking side, taking information on the defenders trying to set up a trap.

Wingman (Q) is an excellent ability that can be used to plant or defuse the Spike, as well as use it like a Raze Boom Bot to clear corners. Clearing close angles of A and B is very important to secure rounds on Sunset during the attack. 

Initiator #2: KAY/O

KAY/O is the second Initiator of this lineup, and you can already notice that there are no info Agents like Fade or Sova with this composition. 

While Gekko works on gathering information, planting and defusing the Spike, KAY/O’s roles are pretty unique. This Agent’s most important ability on Sunset is his ZERO/POINT (E), which suppresses enemies and also gives you valuable information on where a certain Agent is playing. For example, during B executes, KAY/O’s dagger can suppress Cypher, disabling his trips and allowing your teammates to cross easily. 

FLASH/DRIVE (Q) flashes of KAY/O work incredibly to help his teammates push into an area while the enemies are blinded. His FRAG/MENT (C) molly can not only be used to stop defuses but also to keep enemies locked into a position. 

KAY/O’s ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, allowing you to push/retake a site without having to worry about any abilities. On the flip side, having no Sova or Fade in the lineup means it’s going to be hard to counter Operators. 


Maps like Split and Bind call for a double Controller lineup, and the same can be said for Icebox, where Harbor-Viper comps have been dominating the meta. In contrast, a single Controller comp on Sunset with Omen has gathered the most amount of map wins. 

There are a few reasons why you should opt for Omen over other Controllers on this map. His smokes are (almost) global, and you can easily provide Dark Cover (E) for his team from far away, allowing him to lurk. The Shrouded Step (C) abilities are also excellent, as Sunset has elevated points in B Market and A Site. 

You can also set up easy one-ways thanks to the unique deployment method of this Agent’s smokes. Paranoia (Q) is another strong ability in Omen’s arsenal, which can single-handedly stop the defenders’ attempts at retakes while also being a strong retaking ability from the side of the defenders. 

Overall, Omen’s self-sufficiency while also being a helpful Controller for the team makes him a highly viable option on Sunset. Even if your team is planning on a double-Controller setup, having Omen alongside Viper is an excellent choice.


The recent Cypher buffs and the unique shape of Sunset make this Sentinel a very strong Agent on the map. In the Americas Stage 1 so far, Cypher has been picked over 80% of the time this map was played. 

On the attacking half, Cypher’s Spycam (E) can gather early info by being placed on the windows above A Main and B Main, giving your team an extra set of eyes to see if any opponents have pushed up to take fights. This signature ability is also excellent on defense, allowing you to see pushes and catch potential lurks on A, Mid or B. 

Cypher’s Trapwire (C) and Cyber Cage (Q) create a strong fortification on A and B, allowing your teammates to be aggressive on other parts of the map. Kill trips can also be easily placed on the tight angles of Sunset, letting you get easy kills. 

One of the main issues with Cypher having to counter Raze and KAY/O of the opponents. Placing your trips in unusual areas will prevent Raze’s destructive abilities from destroying them. Many Cypher players also set up traps on a specific site and play in a different area so as not to get suppressed by KAY/O’s dagger. 

Check out our Valorant section for more comps and guides on Valorant. 

Best VCT Agent Comp on Sunset in 2024
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