Valorant Patch 7.09 PBE Buffs Cypher, Nerfs Shotgun

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Valorant Patch 7.09 PBE Buffs Cypher, Nerfs Shotgun

Valorant Patch 7.09 PBE build reveals the agent buffs and nerfs coming to the game in the content-filled Episode 7 Act 3 update, which was released on Halloween.

With a plethora of buffs for Sentinel Agent Cypher's Trapwire ability, the update also adjusts other agents' Skye and Fade's kit in order to favour the Sentinel more. Besides, Raze’s Paint Shell grenade has been blasted by Riot with a series of considerable nerfs. The shotgun, Judge, has also ended on Riot’s nerf list. The rest of the changes to Skye and Fade affect how they interact with Cypher’s Trapwire ability.

Through a Reddit post, Riot Developer Jo-Ellon Aragon revealed the full patch notes for the game's 7.09 PBE build. All in all, the new PBE build makes Cypher the center of attention in terms of buffs and adjustments. Also, the PBE patch includes a few social updates along with some changes that will improve competitive gameplay.

Valorant Patch 7.09 PBE Agent Changes

Raze Cover Art for Valorant


Cypher's signature ability, Trapwire becomes the main recipient of buffs in Valorant’s Patch 7.09. The concussion delay has been reduced from three seconds to 1.5 seconds.
The shorter delay intends to give enemies less time to break the wire before it concusses their team. On the other hand, the slow effect caused by being tagged by a trip wire will now last 2 seconds instead of 0.75.

Lastly, the latest update makes Trapwire no longer a single-use ability. Upon catching an enemy in the wire, the ability will re-arm itself, enabling the player to use it again to catch another enemy.


The upcoming update also has its own fair share of adjustments for Fade’s Prowler, adjusting her (C) collision so that they go over Trapwires placed at foot height. This doesn't affect her hitbox damage.


Riot ships an updated hitbox for Skye’s creature scout anility, Trailblazer. The updated hitbox affects how the ability interacts with Cypher’s trapwire. When the wire is placed at “mid-height,” the Trailblazer scout will now go below the wire instead of triggering the trap.


Patch 7.09 deploys nerfs to Raze's Paint Shell grenade reducing the blast radius to 5.5 meters from 6. . The primary blast will now will deal a minimum of 1 HP damage instead of 15 HP. The secondary blast now has been reduced to having a 5.25 meter radius instead of 6, and will deal a minimum of 1 HP of damage instead of 15 HP. Besides, the damage multiplier on the shells has been reduced to 100 percent instead of 250 percent.

Meanwhile, her Satchel has been adjusted so that it doesn’t deal damage until fully armed. The update also ships a nerf to the satchel arm time increasing it by a second, from 0.5 seconds to 1.5.

Valorant Patch 7.09 PBE Weapon Changes

Patch 7.09 ships a series of major nerfs to one of the potent shotguns in-game, Judge.
Judge now has a reduced max mag size from 7 rounds to just 5 rounds. Riot has also increased the running and jumping spread of this powerful mid-tier shotgun.
Jumping spread bumped from 1.25 to 2.25
Running spread increased from .10 to .75

Valorant Patch 7.09 PBE Bug Fixes and Social Updates

With the next update, teams will need lesser points to qualify for layoffs, as Riot has reduced them to 600 from 675. The PBE also ships a series of Premier and Social updates, and for the full list, Valorant fans can check out the official Patch notes post here.

Although we await the full list of bug fixes in the official live server update notes, 7.09 ships a fix for a pesky yet small footstep audio bug, which caused footstep noises to be audible after players detached from the rope, even after they held the Shift key to remain silent.

Fans can test out the changes in the upcoming Valorant update on PBE servers. The PBE closes on Monday, October 30 at 11am PT. Players should note that the changes reflected in the PBE build are not final and are subject to change in the official patch release.
Valorant Patch 7.09 is scheduled to hit live servers across all regions on Tuesday, October 31

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