5 Best Valorant Raze Players of 2023

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5 Best Valorant Raze Players of 2023

Here are the best Valorant Raze players of the world during VCT 2023

Raze is arguably the most fun Agent to play on Valorant. Due to her movement abilities, we can have her in very fast-paced executions, and there were many instances like this in this year’s VCT season. Unlike the other Agents in Valorant, Raze requires a unique level of mastery, and you can spot great Raze players by looking at their smooth satchel movements and god-like utility usage. 

After looking at players who competed in regional leagues and global events, we compiled our list of the 5 best Valorant Raze players of 2023. If you are a Raze-main and want to learn from the best of the world, these are the pros you should follow –

5. Byung-chul “BuZz” Yu – DRX

  • VLR Rating: 1.06
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 227.1
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.10
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 145.8
  • Headshot Percentage: 22%

DRX, the South Korean team with a wealth of experience in this game, relies on their 20-year-old player, BuZz, whenever they need a Raze to dominate the map. BuZz is a flex player who, alongside playing Duelist, also picks up Agents like Killjoy or KAY/O.

As a talented Raze, BuZz has smooth movements with satchels, and since DRX is such a strategic squad, his teammates can assist him properly during his fast entries. As a result, you can not only learn Raze mechanics from this talented player but also understand how to play around your teammates’ abilities. 

4. Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev – Fnatic

  • VLR Rating: 1.13
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 251.5
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.23
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 163.8
  • Headshot Percentage: 24%
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Derke is well known for his Jett, but he only played Raze at Masters Tokyo, the global event where he led Fnatic to their second international trophy. Moreover, he played Raze and Jett the same number of times at Champions 2023 – and similar to his commendable style of playing Jett, this 20-year-old player also excels on Raze.

Alongside being a great Raze player, Derke has an excellent aim, making his plays look clean and effortless. While his satchel skills may not look as seamless and flashy as someone like Jinggg, it’s safe to say that Derke does what is asked of him – entry and kill. With such excellent statistics and a K/D ratio, you do not need to be flashy to be one of the best.

3. Alexander “jawgemo” Mor – Evil Geniuses

  • VLR Rating: 1.02
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 213.3
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 0.99
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 73%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 138.5
  • Headshot Percentage: 19%

Before Max “Demon1” Mazanov joined the team in the Americas League, jawgemo was in charge of the primary Duelist role for Evil Geniuses. While Demon1 now plays Jett for the squad, jawgemo picks up Raze in specific maps, and his skills on this Agent could be considered one of the best in North America.

Similar to Paper Rex’s Jinggg, jawgemo employs a very aggressive style when he leaves his regular Controller roles for Raze. The 24-year-old’s mastery with Raze was on full display in the Grand Final match of Champions 2023, where his domination on Lotus led to EG winning the biggest trophy of the year. 

2. Erick “aspas” Santos – LOUD

  • VLR Rating: 1.17
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 239.0
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.30
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 75%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 153.5
  • Headshot Percentage: 25%
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Former LOUD member aspas was our best Jett player of 2023, and he seems to have found his way to being our second pick for the top Raze players as well. This Brazilian is an incredible Duelist who primarily played Jett earlier this year and started to pick Raze more frequently at the Champions. 

Yes, he has not played as much Raze as the others mentioned here, but his ability to dominate with the Agent in a short time has made this 20-year-old a top pick of ours. Moreover, he is certainly not new to this character since he won Champions 2022 playing Raze alongside Jett. 

1. Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie – Paper Rex

Paper Rex Jinggg is the Best Raze Player 2023Credit: Riot Games

  • VLR Rating: 1.05
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 233.6
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.08
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 156.3
  • Headshot Percentage: 18%

Paper Rex had the best year in 2023 as they were able to win the Pacific League and reached the final of the Champions – and during these triumphs, Jinggg played a crucial role. The 20-year-old Singaporean is one of the only players in the tier 1 world who plays Raze in almost all matches. If there is a map where Raze is not as good, he switches to Phoenix or even Sage.

Jinggg’s sheer experience alone makes him the best professional Raze player, and his contribution speaks for him. He consistently frags for PRX, and the team’s fast and aggressive playstyle suits him well, as he likes to go for wild plays. Sadly, this talented young player won’t be participating in the 2024 VCT season due to his military duties, and we will be waiting for his return. 

5 Best Valorant Raze Players of 2023
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