FNATIC Sweep Evil Geniuses to Win VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo

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FNATIC Sweep Evil Geniuses to Win VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo

FNATIC make history by winning the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo

Masters Tokyo comes to an end as FNATIC emerge victorious in the grand finals, showcasing their unrivaled dominance against the formidable NA juggernaut Evil Geniuses. With this clean sweep win, the EMEA powerhouse etches its name in history as the sole team to win three international LAN events. Furthermore, their win has granted an extra slot for the EMEA region in the upcoming Valorant Champions 2023. 

The Grand Final witnessed a rematch between the two teams, marking their second encounter in this event. The previous encounter in the upper bracket finals was a fiercely contested battle, culminating in FNATIC narrowly clinching the win.

Other than the upper bracket finals, the rest of the event was smooth sailing for the LOCK//IN champions. Before the first EG matchup, Boaster and Co did not drop a single map in three matches.

FNATIC win Masters Tokyo
Credit: Riot Games

Masters Tokyo Grand Final Recap


  • Lotus (FNC)
  • Split (EG)
  • Bind (FNC)
  • Ascent (EG)
  • Haven

As FNATIC qualified for the Grand Finals from the upper bracket, they had the privilege of banning two maps during the map pick. In addition to their regular map ban, Pearl, Boaster banned Fracture, where Evil Geniuses have a 100% win rate.

Map 1 (FNATIC win 13-8)

In a press conference after the upper finals, Boaster expressed his desire to dominate the rematch against EG in the Grand Finals. It did not take long before realizing that the eccentric IGL really meant those words. Leo and Alfajer exhibited a captivating masterclass that left EG overwhelmed on the server.

Map 2 (FNATIC win 13-11)

Going into their map pick, Split, EG was adamant about bouncing right back. Bagging 5 consecutive rounds to start the 2nd half, the North Americans went close to the finish line before FNATIC snatched the win away from their grasp. Once again, Leo, with his impact fragging, proved to be the difference maker.

Map 3 (FNATIC win 14-12)

Facing a do-or-die situation, EG went all-out on Bind, adopting an unconventional agent composition. With Chamber and Reyna in the team, who had less than a 5% pick rate in this event, EG embarked on a daring gamble. Regardless, it paid off initially as Boostio led his team to a 10-4 score. They failed to hold on to that lead, though. FNATIC's duo of mechanical virtuosos, Alfajer and Derke, popped off as they came back on the Attack side to win the map and the series in overtime.

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FNATIC Sweep Evil Geniuses to Win VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo
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