Best Valorant Agent Comp on Sunset in 2023

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Best Valorant Agent Comp on Sunset in 2023

Try this Valorant agent comp on Sunset to rank up faster

The 10th Valorant map, Sunset, was released on August 2023 and instantly became one of the favorite maps among both pros and casual players. It boasts a more traditional layout and design compared to its recent predecessors, with two sites and three lanes.

The map was generally well received for its apparent simplicity of design, which simultaneously offers the player ample room to explore different strategies. However, it has also received a fair share of criticism for its lack of features, which leaves the players exposed from multiple angles at the same time, ultimately making the map too attacker-friendly.

In the ever-evolving meta, a new map always demands extra attention to the agent composition, as choosing the right agents and mastering them can give you a distinct advantage in the game. Based on the current meta and what the pros are going for in the recent tournaments, here is the best agent comp on Sunset:

Best Valorant Agent Comp on Sunset

  • Duelist – Raze
  • Sentinel – Cypher
  • Controller – Omen
  • Initiator #1 – Fade
  • Initiator #2 – Breach

Sunset is a map that undoubtedly needs a Sentinel agent. In addition to that, we suggest two Initiators and one agent each from the Controller and the Duelist roles.

From what we have seen in the pro scene so far, most notably in the 2023 VCT Game Changers Championship and some of the major off-season events, most teams are going with either a double-initiator or a double-controller agent comp on Sunset. However, most successes are seen from teams running a two Initiator comp(e.g., Sentinels in the AfreecaTV Valorant League and Shopify Rebellion in the Game Changers Championship)

In ranked also, it is best to play two initiators instead of two controllers. Managing and coordinating the utilities of two Controller agents can be a bit overwhelming for a ranked game, especially when a single Controller agent Like Omen will easily suffice.

Best Agents on Sunset- Role Breakdown

Keep up with us as we present to you the pick rate of the best agents on Sunset and break down their roles on this map:


  • Agent Pick Rate: 72%
  • Win Percentage: 48.9%

Keeping up with all the recently released maps, Sunset, too, is a map where Raze is the undisputed preferred Duelist. The utils of Raze just offer too much in terms of impact on the game to opt for any other Duelists.

Raze can be deadly on Sunset, both on the defending and the attacking side. With the map having numerous angles to cover, the Paint Shells and the Boom-bot of Raze come in extremely handy while taking map control. Moreover, the Satchels' effectiveness in taking entry into the sites goes without saying. The only downside is that, unlike the other common Duelist choice, Jett, it is harder to use the Operator with her. Nevertheless, Raze’s overall impact makes up for that.


  • Agent Pick Rate: 85%
  • Win Percentage: 50.5%

Sunset is a lurker’s dream map, and what better agent to lurk with than the Moroccan Spy Cypher? The recent buff in Patch 7.09 has been a godsend for all the Cypher mains. For too long, Cypher had been overshadowed by Killjoy, as the latter was simply the better choice in most maps, if not all. The recent patch saw Cypher getting the buffs he needed to give Killjoy a run for her money.

On Defense, with the more effective tripwires, holding sites with Cypher has never been easier. Although viable for both sites on Defense, B is much more suitable for Cypher, where you can basically make a fortress impenetrable to your opponent. This can allow your teammates to focus solely on the other part of the map.

As for the attacking side, the unlimited range of Cypher’s utilities makes him the ideal agent. As previously stated, Sunset caters wonderfully to Lurkers. With no range limitations on utilities, unlike Killjoy's, you can easily watch the Flank while maintaining your position as a Lurker.


  • Agent Pick Rate: 84%
  • Win Percentage: 49.2%

If you’re rocking a single-controller agent composition, going for either Omen or Astra can never really go wrong. Regarding Sunset specifically, in our opinion, Omen stands out as the superior choice of the two.

Sunset has several elevated spaces. This allows the Omen players to use their teleportation ability to play off-angles that can surprise the opponent. The map also features many spots where you can use the one-way smokes. For example, deploying a one-way smoke in the B-Main lobby helps to keep complete control of that area. Another one you have is at the Mid-doors that will stop any rush from Mid to B. Lastly, Omen’s Paranoia, arguably the best Blind in the Game, can significantly aid in securing crucial map or site control.


  • Agent Pick Rate: 60%
  • Win Percentage: 49.2%

Fade was one of the most played Initiator agents when she was first released. Her best traits were the ease of use and the universality, making her a safe choice to pick on all maps. However, It’s unfortunate for the Fade-mains that the Turkish agent is slowly getting out of the meta. The decline in her pick rate can be attributed to the fact that there are better alternatives on each map despite her overall proficiency across the board.

Nevertheless, Fade is still considered one of the best agents on Sunset. She can be a strong secondary Initiator alongside a flash agent like KAYO or Breach, particularly in a double-initiator comp. With minimal cover on the sites, Fade's Recon is highly valuable for both A and B sites. Additionally, her Prowlers are equally beneficial as they help you navigate the map's numerous angles. To know more about the Fade’s Haunt ability, explore our guide specifically tailored for Sunset.


  • Agent Pick Rate: 58%
  • Win Percentage: 48.3%

No other agent excels as much in a support role as Breach does. Breach players help the team play as a unit by setting up plays for the duelists. The effectiveness of a Breach depends largely on a map’s design, and Sunset’s layout makes it an ideal setting for the old Swede.

The fact that the lanes are so narrow greatly enhances the impact of the Fault Line(Stun), while the abundance of walls allows for versatile use of his Flashes. Lastly, the overall small size of the map makes Breach’s Ultimate(Rolling Thunder) an absolute game-changer.

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Best Valorant Agent Comp on Sunset in 2023
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