Dominate Sunset With These Fade Haunt Lineups

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Dominate Sunset With These Fade Haunt Lineups

The sun will set sooner for your enemies in Sunset with your nightmarish Haunt lineups

Aside from the edgy design of Fade as a fictional character, what else is the reason the player base is head over heels for her? Well, having easy-to-use intuitive abilities helps. If that’s not enough, I am sure you have at least once felt the lure of her catchy voice lines, particularly the “Teşekkürler; thank you” one. Despite all these perks, the real benefit of playing Fade is her potential as an initiator is so high when the player properly studies the agent. This list of Haunt lineups will surely take you a long way in your Vaalorant journey.

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Early Sunset Info Haunt Lineups for Defense

We've all witnessed it before – the Fade player who consistently makes zero contribution to the game by taking risky early info positions and dying. And to make matters worse, even if they manage to survive the initial onslaught, their predictable patterns become all too apparent to the enemy team. Before you know it, your Haunts are taken down, leaving you with no information to work with. Well, not anymore, because our guide is prepared to show you the “Way of the Superior Fade player.” So get ready to crush the competition!

A Info Haunt

By utilizing this strategic lineup, you can effectively scan A Main and accurately detect any approaching enemy assaults. Additionally, you can collaborate with your team to request backup and increase your likelihood of successfully protecting the location. You can assist your squad in area B if no adversaries are present. This lineup is your ultimate tool to maintain an advantage and emerge as the victor.

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Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Get stuck in this corner.

image003 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim for this spot and run a jump-throw for the perfect landing.

Dominate Sunset With These Fade Haunt Lineups

Credit: Tseeky

A Site/Mid Info Haunt

Gaining information on the attacking enemies early on A Site or Mid and making an articulated decision is critical to asserting dominance on the Sunset Defense. Therefore, make good of this ultra-effective lineup.

image005 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Approach this corner in A Main near the Pawnshop.

image006 3

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Place your crosshair on the shown spot below.

image007 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a simple left-click throw.

B Main Info Haunt Lineup

This lineup will scan for attacking enemies at the B Site and Mid. You’ll lead your fellow defending teammates to easy glory by properly utilizing this meticulously crafted lineup.

image008 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Approach the right corner of the B site barrier.

image009 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim your crosshair at the shown spot below.

image010 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a running jump-throw as you charge to the right side.

Mid Info Haunt Lineup

You've been trying to take down the enemy team at B Main with some early aggression, and you're hoping they'll fall for it again in the third round. But let me tell you, that trick isn't going to work twice. Like they say, “Never let them know your next move,” especially in shooter games where tactics are everything. I've got a lineup ready in case the enemies try to avoid your superstar lineup at B Site by taking mid-control.

image011 3

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Find this box and get stuck in the corner beside the big box.

image012 3

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim at the shown spot below and swiftly do a jump-throw.

image013 1

Credit: Tseeky

Haunt Lineups for Map Reveal

Fade's Haunt is a powerful surveillance tool in the game that can quickly and accurately identify potential targets. However, unlike Sova's recon dart, it is easily visible and can be eliminated by opponents. This means skilled Fade users must always look for opportunities to surprise their opponents with innovative tactics. The list below is a valuable reference for all who specialize in Fade.

A Site Reveals Haunt From Halls

Securing control of the A site can be effortless if the appropriate strategies are employed. You're in luck, as we have devised a Haunt lineup that will endow your team with a substantial edge when you arrive at the destination. Prepare yourselves to dominate with confidence and ease!

image014 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Approach the right side of the small box on A Elbow.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim at this precise spot.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a simple jump throw.

A Main/Elbow Reveal Haunt

Let’s be honest here. Despite all the incentive you have for having Halls control early game as a Fade player, your “Solo-queue 8 hours a day” brain wants to auto-pilot its way through Cave. Don’t worry, friend. We have your back on this, too! This lineup is exactly what you need to have an effective presence on Cave.

image017 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Go under this shown spot on the wall

image018 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim at the shown location.

image019 3

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a simple one-step throw.

B Main Reveal Haunt

Let's face it: when it comes to in-game leadership and well-executed strategies, PUGs just don't cut it. We've all been there, watching those jaw-dropping clips on YouTube, only to fail miserably when we try to replicate them in our games. And we simply rush B for those slightly more modest in our expectations. But fear not; this lineup is designed to witness your “Cyka-blyat NO STOP FULL RUSH” glory. So why wait? Let's get to it and show them what you’re made of!

image020 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Get on top of the big box.

image021 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim your crosshair here.

image022 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a running jump throw.

B Site Reveal Haunt

If you're playing as a Fade player on the B side of Sunset, it's best to stick to the basics. This one lineup is a great way to support your team and give your duelists lots of opportunities to take down the enemy. Just keep your teammates from sneaking around or attacking from behind. With this strategy, you'll be well on your way to victory!

image023 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Line yourself with the edge of the wall and approach it.

image024 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim at this spot on the wall.

image025 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: A running jump throw will execute the most powerful scan lineup for the B site.

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Dominate Sunset With These Fade Haunt Lineups
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