Everything We Know About Sunset – Valorant’s Newest Map

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Everything We Know About Sunset – Valorant’s Newest Map

Sunset, the newest addition to Valorant’s map pool, will have two sites and no gimmicks 

Valorant’s 10th and newest map is Sunset, which will be released in Act 2 of Season 7. So far, Valorant has shown several teasers about the map, and we also had a few leaks from different sources. Compiling all of those, here is everything we know about Sunset before its release –

Sunset Will Have Two Sites

According to @ValorLeaks, Sunset will have two sites for planting the Spike. This was expected as the most recent release before Sunset was Lotus, which had three sites. 

Having two sites means the map is likely going to favor the defending side, especially when compared to maps like Ascent. 

There Are No Gimmicks on Sunset

By “gimmicks,” many Valorant players refer to the unique aspects of a map – for example, the teleporters on Bind and the rotating doors on Lotus. According to the leaks, there will be no such thing on Sunset, similar to Pearl.

If there are no ziplines or closing doors, this will be the second map of Valorant with no unusual elements to the map, and many prefer it to be that way, while others like the unique plays they can make using the gimmicks. 

Again, this is a leak and is yet to be confirmed.

Sunset Is Located in Los Angeles

In a teaser clip released by Valorant, some pointed out that the map Cypher briefly brings on his computer screen has near-identical features to the southern coast of Los Angeles. Moreover, the map supposedly includes its own version of the Port of Long Beach. 

On top of that, since the current Champions tournament is taking place in Los Angeles, and the map will also be revealed in the Grand Final, there is a high possibility that Sunset will be based in California, USA.

Sunset Release Date

Sunset – Valorant’s Newest Map

Credit: ValorLeaks

Sunset will be revealed for the first time at the Grand Final pre-show of Champions 2023 that’s taking place in Los Angeles on August 26. You can tune into the map reveal in the following broadcasts –

Everything We Know About Sunset – Valorant’s Newest Map
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