Top 5 Valorant Players at Masters Madrid

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Top 5 Valorant Players at Masters Madrid

Here are the top 5 Valorant players of Masters Madrid who had the best stats throughout the event.

The first Valorant international event of 2024 has concluded, crowning Sentinels as the winner. This Masters brought two teams from each region to Madrid, where eight squads fought for glory.

We saw many new prospects proving their excellence on the global stage during the tournament, as rookie teams like Heretics, Karmine Corp and Gen.G got to show off their players. 

On the other hand, big names like Fnatic, NRG and DRX couldn’t make it to this Masters. 

We are seeing a clear power shift in the world of Valorant Esports compared to last year. With that being said, here are our picks for the top 5 Valorant players at Masters Madrid with the highest ACS and at least 150 rounds played. 

5. Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira – LOUD

Top 5 Valorant Players at Masters Madrid
Credit: Riot Games

Credit: Riot Games

  • Role: Initiator
  • Agents: Sova, Breach
  • VLR Rating: 1.08
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 223.3
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.10
  • Average Damage Per Round (ADR): 143.1
  • Headshot Percentage: 25%

When it comes to LOUD players, we are used to seeing the Duelist or members like Felipe “Less” Basso dominate the top of the charts. While cauanzin has been one of the most consistent players in the Americas, he was shadowed by other world-class names in the Brazilian organization in the past.

This time, the 18-year-old finally became the best LOUD player in a Masters, securing incredible stats that helped the former Champions to reach the playoffs. 

He had a 223.3 ACS average at this event, which isn’t easy to do in supportive roles. The young player’s best stats come from the series against PRX, where he secured a 255 ACS through a 40-35 K-D in two maps. 

4. Kim “Meteor” Tae-o – Gen.G

Top 5 Valorant Players at Masters Madrid
Credit: Riot Games

Credit: Riot Games

  • Role: Flex
  • Agents: Killjoy, Yoru, Jett
  • VLR Rating: 1.05
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 230.0
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.14
  • Average Damage Per Round (ADR): 152.0
  • Headshot Percentage: 29%
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The 24-year-old player for Gen.G picks up Duelists such as Yoru and Jett while also playing Killjoy in specific maps. Alongside Kim “t3xture” Na-ra, Meteor has been one of the most critical winning factors for the South Koreans, from securing the Pacific Kickoff victory to reaching the Grand Final of Masters Madrid. 

Even though he wasn’t on top of the scoreboard in every Madrid match, the flex player always had incredible stats that helped Gen.G in their undefeated run to the finals. 

His best comes from the upper bracket final match against none other than Sentinels, where Meteor secured a 56-35 K-D in three maps, leading to an ACS of 286. 

3. Marshall “N4RRATE” Massey – Karmine Corp

Top 5 Valorant Players at Masters Madrid
Credit: Riot Games

Credit: Riot Games

  • Role: Flex
  • Agents: Gekko, Fade, Raze
  • VLR Rating: 1.27
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 245.7
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.27
  • Average Damage Per Round (ADR): 163.7
  • Headshot Percentage: 26%

This time last year, this 21-year-old was playing in North America’s tier 2 scene under the banner of MAD Lions. He showed incredible potential, attracting the eyes of Karmine Corp who needed a redemption arc after their disappointing season in 2023. The EMEA squad achieved just that by taking in talent from overseas, winning the EMEA Kickoff, and defeating Fnatic on the way. 

Although Karmine Corp failed to go past the Swiss stage, N4RRATE had his prowess on full display as he was fragging on flex roles in all three matches he got to play. The North American’s best was against FPX, where he dominated with Initiator Agents, securing a 300 ACS through a 47-28 K-D. 

2. Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang – EDward Gaming

Top 5 Valorant Players at Masters Madrid
Credit: Riot Games

Credit: Riot Games

  • Role: Flex
  • Agents: Raze, KAY/O, Jett
  • VLR Rating: 1.00
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 252.0
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.08
  • Average Damage Per Round (ADR): 164.3
  • Headshot Percentage: 25%
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Similar to Karmine Corp, EDG couldn’t secure the Madrid playoffs. Even then, this Chinese player managed to be in the second spot on this list with his excellent impact during the Swiss stage. 

ZmjjKK, also known as KangKang, made waves last year during China’s inaugural VCT season, going to lengths at international events and securing some incredible stats. It seems that this 20-year-old isn’t stopping anytime soon, as he has once again shown the world what he’s made of in Madrid.

EDG’s game against Gen.G was the best game of this player at this event, where he had an incredible ACS of 312, thanks to a 63-45 K-D. 

1. Zachary “zekken” Patrone – Sentinels

Top 5 Valorant Players at Masters Madrid
Via: @zekkenVAL

Via: @zekkenVAL

  • Role: Duelist
  • Agents: Raze, Jett
  • VLR Rating: 1.13
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 259.5
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.21
  • Average Damage Per Round (ADR): 167.1
  • Headshot Percentage: 22%

The Masters Madrid MVP deserves all the praise, as his unbelievable consistency in Duelist roles led Sentinels to their second Masters trophy after years. 

After joining Sentinels, the young player quickly solidified himself as one of the best Duelist players in North America. Sadly, his team was still trying to find a stable roster, and he couldn’t make it to any Masters or Champions event. 

After winning the Americas Kickoff and becoming the best player at the event, it was clear that this prodigy was going to Madrid to cement his name as one of the best. The 19-year-old continued his stunning form in his first Masters with Sentinels, leading his team to the playoffs. 

While technically, zekken’s best stats was the lower bracket final game against Paper Rex, where he had a 308 ACS, we must mention his historical performance in the grand final match. Against Gen.G, the American-Filipino player secured 101 kills in 5 maps, with an ACS of 263. 

This consistency from the off-season now to the international stage proves that zekken has been an incredible find for the North American organization. 

Top 5 Valorant Players at Masters Madrid
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