“This Means a Beginning” – EDG KangKang Talks about New Era of Chinese VALORANT

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“This Means a Beginning” – EDG KangKang Talks about New Era of Chinese VALORANT

After causing a massive upset against NAVI, EDWard Gaming’s KangKang is ready to take revenge facing T1 in the decider game

EDWard Gaming have written history by becoming the first Chinese squad to win a game at an international LAN event of VALORANT. This victory has come from an intense matchup against EMEA’s excellent contender NAVI, where they sent the Europeans home by winning both maps in overtime.

Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang, also known as Kangkang, and Zhang “Smoggy” Zhao were the crucial performers of the series, making impossible flashy plays that kept the Chinese squad alive in the Bo3. The match’s highlight was KangKang’s control over the maps with the Operator and Smoggy making aggressive plays with Jett.

“I Think We Already Exceeded Our Best Form” – EDG KangKang 

Zheng "ZmjjKK" Yongkang, also known as Kangkang

Credit: Riot Games

In a post-match interview, EDG’s KangKang declared a new beginning for the Chinese VALORANT. When asked about what this first-ever victory of a Chinese team means, KangKang replied, “It means a start, a beginning.”

Masters Tokyo is EDward Gaming’s second time at a global VALORANT LAN tournament, with LOCK//IN being their first attempt at showing the world a new side of competition. 

On the first map against NAVI, EDG brought the score back to their favor from a 9-12 Pearl with backs against the wall. KangKang described how they were able to win the nearly-impossible map with communication and the help of Smoggy. “I think we were very calm, and we especially kept communicating with each other.” adding – “Smoggy had so many flashy plays in Pearl, so we were thinking like we can't let him fight alone.”

KangKang was asked about who in the team helps the rest to stay calm, especially since they looked like a very fast-paced squad on the server.  “I will say two people from our team. One is nobody (Wang “nobody” Senxu) one is Haodong Haodong “Haodong” Guo. When we were in chaos in the games, these two people, they really dragged us together back to a normal team form, a kinda crazy team form, you know, especially I think we already exceeded probably the best form we could have.”

After winning this exciting encounter, EDG have kept their Playoffs dream alive, and to reach that, the squad will be facing T1 once again. Their last encounter against the South Koreans ended in a 1-2 loss for the Chinese roster. However, the maps they lost looked extremely close, thanks to Smoggy and KangKang. The flex player showed extreme confidence talking about their upcoming match in the interview – “We will perform ten times better against them in tomorrow's match, and we will take them down.”


“This Means a Beginning” – EDG KangKang Talks about New Era of Chinese VALORANT
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