EDG – First Chinese Team to Win Global VALORANT Match

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EDG – First Chinese Team to Win Global VALORANT Match

EDward Gaming have made history by becoming the first Chinese team to win an international LAN match in VALORANT

EDward Gaming have defeated NAVI in Group B’s elimination match at Masters Tokyo, and with this victory, they secured the first-ever win for China in a global event of VALORANT. 

The Europeans are eliminated from the Group Stage in the extremely close series where both maps went overtime. Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang, also known as KangKang, lived up to his potential with incredible OP shots that stopped NAVI’s push multiple times. He secured an ACS of 238 and had a huge impact on Bind, holding the Operator on Gekko.

The Bo3 was one of the best we have seen in Masters Tokyo so far, as both teams had incredible plays, unbelievable clutches and crucial hero plays that kept them alive in the series.

EDG will be facing T1 in the decider match tomorrow for a shot at the Playoffs. 

EDG – First Chinese Team to Win Global VALORANT

Credit: Riot Games

EDG’s Journey So Far

EDWard Gaming’s international journey started at LOCK//IN, where the Chinese squad almost brought an upset against 100 Thieves in a 1-2 series. After that, the team went back to participating in regional FGC tournaments, winning ACT 2’s Grand Final in a 3-0 domination.

Their opening encounter at Masters Tokyo ended in a 1-2 loss against T1. Even in defeat, the roster showed immense potential, and KangKang especially showed a new face of Chinese VALORANT with excellent mechanical skills and minimal reaction time with the sniper rifle. 

EDG – First Chinese Team to Win Global VALORANT Match
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