Valorant’s 22nd Agent, Gekko Is Here

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Valorant’s 22nd Agent, Gekko Is Here

With the launch of Episode 6: Act 2 today, Valorant fans can finally get their hands on Agent 22, Gekko. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, Gekko, also known as Mateo, is the new cool kid on the block and sixth Initiator in Valorant. This Gekko might not save you 15% in 15 minutes on your car insurance, but he's got other skills you'll find handy. Let's break down the abilities of Agent 22, Gekko. 

Gekko's Abilities

Gekko's abilities revolve around calling upon his four creature buddies for assistance. Gekko can equip them and then send these adorable but deadly creatures out to perform various tasks, and when their active timer expires, they will revert to globules. Gekko can pick up these globules and use his buddies again after varying cooldown periods.

E Ability: Dizzy

After equipping and firing Dizzy, she will charge through the air for a short period and launch plasma blasts at any enemy in her line of sight. She will inflict a blind effect on any enemy hit by said plasma. 

When Dizzy's charge ends, she will revert to a globule. Gekko can pick her up and use her again after a short cooldown. 

Q Ability: Wingman

Gekko's second ability is his Wingman, and he can serve two purposes. 

After equipping and firing Wingman, he will charge forward and seek out enemy agents. But instead of giving these enemy agents your number like an ordinary wingman, he explodes in a concussive blast on sight. 

Utilizing his alternate fire mode, Gekko can use Wingman to defuse or plant spikes when targeting a spike sight. For Wingman to plant a spike, Gekko must have one on him. 

Like Dizzy, Wingman reverts into a globule after he serves his purpose. After picking it up, wait for his cooldown to expire to use him again.

C Ability: Mosh Pit

Mosh Pit is essentially a molly with a face. Gekko can equip and throw Mosh Pit like any other molly. After sending Mosh Pit on his way, this adorable little guy will duplicate himself and explode after a short period. 

By using alternate fire, you can launch Mosh Pit underhand instead of overhand. 

X Ability: Thrash

Gekko's final ability is Thrash. By equipping and firing her, she will launch forward and explode. She will detain any enemies caught in her blast radius for a brief period. 

Like Dizzy and Wingman, Thrash reverts to a globule after she completes her task. But unlike Dizzy and Wingman, players can only reclaim and use her once. 

Initial Thoughts: High Skill Cap & High Potential

On paper, Gekko looks pretty darn good, and his kit stands out amongst the other Agents in the game. Wingman's spike plant/defuse capabilities are an excellent utility, and Mosh Pit seems quite potent. 

Mosh Pit does have a lengthy delay before exploding, but the damage is considerable and the AOE even more so. If placed perfectly, you can nearly cover an entire site by launching Mosh Pit back-to-back. Mosh Pit can also effortlessly destroy Killjoy's Ultimate through walls, so Killjoy mains beware. 

Agent 21, Harbor has had mixed reception since his release, with many tier lists placing him squarely at the bottom. We won't be sure until we test him, but Valorant's first new Agent of 2023 looks like a home run. 

Valorant’s 22nd Agent, Gekko Is Here
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