Valorant Patch 8.01 Notes: Iso and Skye Adjusted, Map Changes, and More

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Valorant Patch 8.01 Notes: Iso and Skye Adjusted, Map Changes, and More

Valorant Patch 8.01 Notes reveal a list of nerfs to popular agents Skye, introduce some changes to map Breeze, and more.

While the patch details a handful of changes to three in-game Agents and some updates to existing maps, the update doesn’t generally introduce new content as such. Skye has received some potent nerfs in this update, while Iso has been targeted with a series of buffs in Patch 8.01.

Valorant Patch 8.01 Map Changes

The A Hall has been reopened on Breeze.

“We’ve been satisfied with the simplifications to A Main, Mid and B Site. However, we’ve noticed that attacking can feel overly restrictive due to the changes in addition to the closure of A Hall. As a result, we’re reopening A Hall to give attackers more options while retaining the rest of the changes to the map.” said Riot in the Patch notes blog post.

The changes are not meant to ‘final’ and are open to update as Riot is still observing and gathering player feedback.

Valorant Patch 8.01 Agent Changes

Iso’s Contingency ability gets it cost reduced from 250 to 200, in order to increase value for the power it provides. On the other hand, the patch also ships a series of bug fixes related to Reyna’s Soul Orb and Iso’s energy orbs not spawning after eliminating bots in the practice mode.

Meanwhile, players targeted by Raze’s Seeker get a warning indicator, the same When a Seeker gets close to its target, the target player will now get a yellow directional warning indicator.

Meanwhile, Riot has increased the audio for Raze’s Blast Pack and is now way louder when she is traveling towards the opponent. Opponents will be able to hear the Her Blast Pack (Q) ability.

Valorant Patch 8.01 Release Date and Bug Fixes

Valorant Patch 8.01 is slated to go live on servers across all regions on Tuesday, January 23. The update is the second update in Valorant’s Episode 8, Act 1 and also focuses on a list of bug and glitch fixes with the existing in-game maps including Breeze, Lotus and Icebox.

Meanwhile, the devs have fixed the exploit that allowed some players to stand on top of the crumbled pillar on C Site in the Lotus map. Fans can no longer stand on the B green in Icebox, while in Split, the game no longer allows players to stand on a vent in B garage.

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