Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2 to Dominate the Enemy Safelane

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Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2 to Dominate the Enemy Safelane

What is the best Offlane combo in Dota 2? Here’s our top picks

Dota 2 relies a lot on teamwork and coordination. Whether you’re playing with a friend or with random people you got matched with, you need to utilize the strength of your allies to secure the victory. Of course, it’s a two-way street, and your teammate also needs to do the same.

Picking heroes that work well together in the early phase of the game is the easiest way to give yourself a good start. If you’re playing in the Offlane or as the Position 4 support, then you want to go with heroes that can pressure the enemy hero as much as possible.

But with so many different heroes in the game, which one do you go with?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll highlight some devastating hero combos between the Offlaner and the position 4 Support that can decimate the enemy team. So, let’s hop in.

Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2

Offlane combo refers to the synergy between two heroes that go to the Offlane part of the map: the Position 3 Offlaner and the Position 4 Support. There are countless hero duos that work well here. Here are the top ones that you should know about:

1. Mars and Mirana

Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2 to Dominate the Enemy Safelane

If you’ve watched professional Dota 2 games at all, then we’re sure you’ve seen Mars and Mirana destroy games and enemy morale. That’s because these two heroes have spells that are perfectly synergistic both in the laning phase and afterward.

The Spear of Mars ability lets Mars reposition an enemy hero while stunning them if he manages to hit them with a tree. Mars can use this spell to push the enemy hero away from the creep wave. This in turn gives Mirana the perfect setup to land her Sacred Arrow ability.

When you combine these two abilities, it means certain death for the enemy hero eight out of ten times. Without the right counter to this deadly combo, it’s next to impossible for the enemy team to come out on top in the laning phase unless you mess up.

In addition to being excellent as a laning partner for Mars, Mirana can also rotate mid and offer ganking support. And Mars can also start playing actively as the initiator on the map as soon as he gets his Blink Dagger.

2. Slardar and Grimstroke

Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2 to Dominate the Enemy Safelane

Another Offlane duo that is slowly rising in popularity in Dota 2 is Slardar at Position 3 and Grimstroke as the 4. Both of these heroes are in a good place as of patch 7.35b, and their abilities complement each other to the tee.

Slardar, also fondly called the “Bash Lord” by many, wants to get close to the enemy and get as many hits as possible. His passive, Bash of the Deep, allows him to stun the enemy unit or hero every fourth hit he lands. Additionally, his second ability, Slithereen Crush, lets him stun any enemy unit or hero in a small AOE.

Grimstroke also has a stun ability of his own called Ink Swell, but it works a bit differently. When used on an ally, this ability gives the ally a movement speed buff while damaging enemy heroes in an area. Grimstroke can cast the ability a second time, and the enemies who are caught in the area get stunned.

Because of the movement speed buff and chain stun that Grimstroke can provide, Slardar can play more aggressively on the lane and force the enemy Carry to go to farm jungle camps. It’s a deadly combo that’s extremely difficult to counter.

3. Abaddon and Tusk

Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2 to Dominate the Enemy Safelane

If you’re a fan of brawlers in Dota 2, the Offlane duo of Position 3 Abaddon and Position 4 Tusk is perfect for you. Tanky Abaddon is already extremely popular in Offlane. When paired with a hero like Tusk, you can play aggressively on the lane and put the fear of death in the enemy team’s heart.

This duo isn’t as effective at teamfighting as it is at pressuring the lane. But the lane pressure that the two heroes can create is unlike anything in the game.

The threat of Tusk’s Tag Team ability and Abaddon’s Curse of Avernus will keep the enemy hero camping under their Tier 1 tower while you can farm the lane freely. If the enemy Carry walks up to take creeps, Tusk can use his Ice Shards and Snowball to catch the enemy and punish them.

As soon as Abaddon reaches level 6 and gets his ultimate ability, diving under the tower to get kills also becomes easy. This Offlane duo wins their lane almost always.

4. Legion Commander and Skywrath Mage

Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2 to Dominate the Enemy Safelane

Legion Commander is one of those heroes that only get stronger as the game goes on. People have always been a fan of this hero since Dota 1. Her unique ultimate Duel forces the targeted enemy hero to fight Legion Commander for a fixed duration. The hero that survives the Duel gets a permanent bonus damage for the remainder of the game.

This high-risk, high-reward mechanic of the hero makes her somewhat unreliable for professional games, but in Pubs, she is as popular as ever. What she lacks in control early in the game, she makes up for it with her excellent movement speed, nuke, and sustain.

When you pair Legion with a hero like Skywrath Mage, who can deal massive damage in a short period, it guarantees an easy Duel victory almost every time. This Offlane duo truly comes online when both heroes reach their level 6.

They can roam around the map together, getting Duel kills and putting pressure on the enemy carry as soon as they get their ultimate.

5. Axe and Undying

Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2 to Dominate the Enemy Safelane

Axe and Undying are two heroes who are known for their excellent team fight impact and control. As it turns out, they also work pretty well in the laning phase together despite lacking any meaningful stuns.

Both of these heroes are strong laners on their own, but when you put them together, it truly spells doom for the enemy safelane. When Undying and Axe go on the same lane, their insane damage because of Axe’s Counter Helix and Undying’s Tombstone and Decay becomes too much for the enemy hero to handle.

As you get to the later stages of the game, both of these heroes remain relevant because of their team fight potential. Axe, with his Blink-Call, is deadly at all stages of the game!

Good Lane = Good Game

Getting a good combination of heroes for the Offlane means the enemy Safelaner will be forced to farm carefully during the laning phase. In Dota 2, a good laning phase often means an easy victory. By putting extra pressure on the carry at the early stage, you can make sure your team heads into the mid-game with a significant advantage over the enemy.

Hopefully, our in-depth look into the best Offlane duos in Dota 2 will inspire you to try out these strats and secure victory in your upcoming games. Good luck!

Best Offlane Combo in Dota 2 to Dominate the Enemy Safelane
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