Dota 2 Undying Guide – How To Annoy Your Enemies (Tips)

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Dota 2 Undying Guide – How To Annoy Your Enemies (Tips)

Let’s dive into the Dota 2 Undying guide you need to be aware of when you start playing.

There are certain heroes that are so strong early on that they can carry their team to victory. Undying is among them, which is why this Undying Dota 2 guide will show you why this is among the best heroes in pub games you can have in your team. 

This is a melee Strength hero that deals between 61 and 69 damage, has 300 MS and 2.7 armor. Undying is usually the team’s offlaner or position 4 and his goal is to make the life of the enemy carry a living hell. With that said, let’s learn more about him.


The zombie hero, Undying, wearing the Egyptian inspired Dirgeful Overlord set, gnashes his teeth at an enemy.

Prior to choosing your Dota 2 Undying build, we need to share a few details about the hero’s abilities.

  • Decay – This ability deals 120 damage in a small AoE and steals 4 STR from enemy heroes for up to 40s.
  • Soul Rip – This either heals or deals up to 45 damage per unit for a total of 10 units. Undying can also heal the Tombstone.
  • Tombstone – When used, the hero will summon a Tombstone that spawns zombies, and each one deals up to 35 damage and slows. The Tomb will be destroyed after a certain number of attacks.
  • Flesh Golem – For the next 40s, Undying gains 35% damage amp, 60% STR multiplier, 50% slow for 6s, and bonus movement speed.

Choosing to get an Aghanim’s Shard for your Undying Dota 2 build will let you or your allies enter the Tombstone for 3s. As for the Aghanim Scepter, the item will increase the STR that Undying is stealing from his enemies with Decay.


The Dota 2 Undying cosmetics are impressive, but players should also check the hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – -15s Tombstone Cooldown or Decay Deals +50 Damage
  • Level 15 – Soul Rip deals +10 damage or heal per target or +20 Tombstone zombie damage 
  • Level 20 – Decay -2s Cooldown or The hero uses Tombstone when he dies
  • Level 25 – +6 Tombstone attacks to destroy it or +60% Flesh Golem STR bonus
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Dota 2 Undying Guide – Tips

After taking a look at the Undying Dota 2 skills, it’s time to share a thing or two about how to win your games. With Undying, it all comes down to being aggressive and punishing your enemies in the laning stage. It is safe to say Undying is one of the best heroes at this stage of the game, especially against weaker laners.

To dominate early on, you should focus on Decay and Tombstone. Spamming your Q will allow you to keep your enemies on low HP and have tons of extra strength to work with. Generally speaking, you should only use the Tombstone if you are going for a kill because heroes who destroy it will earn a lot of gold.

Once the laning stage is over, Undying remains extremely strong early on and can dominate in all team fights. This is also kind of true for the mid game, but it all comes down to the positioning of the Tombstone. Placing it in a way that will make it easy to kill won’t help you in any way, so you need to be careful.

As for the late game, Undying really needs to get an Aghanim’s Scepter to be effective. The fact that he can steal more STR makes him almost impossible to kill when combined with his ultimate.

Undying Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

The Dota 2 hero Undying, the skeletal warrior, charges across a snow streaked battlefield

Many people in the Dota 2 Undying Reddit think the hero has no drawbacks, but this is not the case. Although Undying has a lot of pros, there are also several bad things about him.


  • Very powerful early on
  • Great against STR heroes
  • Can lane against anything
  • Difficult to kill
  • Does not need that many items to be effective


  • Not that strong later on
  • The hero needs to be careful with his Tombstone because it gives a lot of gold
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Dota 2 Undying Guide – Items

Choosing the right Dota 2 Undying items is extremely important if you want to be successful with the hero. Consequently, we’ll learn more details about them.

Starting items

Regardless of the hero’s positioning, he needs HP and mana regen to be effective. Hence, people usually get Tango, Healing Salve, Clarity, and more.

Early game 

The best early game items for Undying include Boots of Speed and a Wand. However, the hero can also get Arcane Boots and a few items from the Hood of Defiance or Spirit Vessel.

Mid game

The best items for Undying in the mid game include either the Hood of Defiance, Spirit Vessel, or Mekanism. Some players also like going for a Blade Mail, but it all depends on the situation.

Late game

If you look at the Dota 2 Undying voice lines, you will know that Aghanim’s Scepter is one of the best items you can have in the late game. Undying can also get a Pipe of Insight, Guardian Greaves, Shiva’s Guard, Crimson Guard, Scythe of Vyse, and so on.

Undying Dota 2 counter

When it comes down to the counters that Undying needs to be aware of, there are a few big names. If you check the Undying Dota 2 wiki, you will find the following:

  • Alchemist – The farming monster can farm even faster against Undying because he benefits from the zombies.
  • Gyrocopter – This is among the most well-known counters to this hero because he can destroy the Tombstone while also doing damage to everyone else.
  • Earthshaker – ES’s ultimate benefits a lot from the zombies, which makes him effective against this hero.
  • Silencer – A very annoying hero to play against because he can easily prevent Undying from using his abilities.


Even though this hero is not that good later on, Undying is one of the best options you can have for the early game. The hero is highly effective against almost everything and can be a real nightmare to kill.

Dota 2 Undying Guide – How To Annoy Your Enemies (Tips)
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