Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b

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Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b

Here’s our pick for the best position 4 supports in Dota 2 patch 7.35b that will help you decimate your opponents and climb the leaderboards

Dota 2 is a difficult game to learn and even hard to master. As you get better at understanding the game and what’s all the flashy things that are happening on your screen, you’ll realize that having a big hero pool is important if you want to climb the ladder in this game.

Why? Because the meta is always shifting in this highly dynamic MOBA!

A hero that helped you rack up tons of wins one patch can become all but useless when a new patch drops. Having a large hero pool and a clear understanding of which heroes are strong in the current patch is important if you want to win your games.

So with that said, let’s review some of the strongest position 4 support heroes that you can pick in the current patch 7.35b to style over your opponents and take the throne!

Best Position 4 Supports in Dota 2 7.35b

Each of the five positions in Dota 2 serves a specific purpose in the game. Position 4 or “Soft Supports” are usually the ones to control the match tempo from early to mid game. So heroes with some form of control or gank potential are usually better for this role.

In patch 7.35b, here are the top soft supports heroes with the most game impact: 

Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b
Credit: Dota2protracker

1. Nature's Prophet: 

Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b
Credit: Dota 2

Nature’s Prophet, or Furion, as the old-school Dota fans affectionately call him, has been in the meta for quite a while now. Back in the early days of Dota 2, he would be played in the Position 3 as an Offlaner.

However, in the current patch and the patch before, people run this hero strictly as a support, whether it’s in Position 4 or Position 5. The bread and butter of this hero is his teleport ability, which lets him move anywhere on the map without a Teleportation Scroll. 

That means he can essentially teleport behind the tower of their enemy mid-laner and gank up on him from behind. He can also lend a hand on the safe lane if his Position 1 Carry is having a hard time. The global presence that this hero brings to the team is very hard to play against.

Not only that, Nature’s Prophet’s ability, Sprout, is also a formidable spell in all stages of the game. Casting it on a hero surrounds them with trees that they either need to cut with a Tango or Quelling Blade to get out of. It also does pretty decent Damage Over Time to the enemy hero, making it harder for the enemy support to trade hits with Nature’s Prophet.

2. Lion:

Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b
Credit: Dota 2

On a surprising note, Lion is quickly becoming one of the more popular Position 4 supports of the meta. He received quite a few buffs in 7.35 and was left untouched in 7.35b. 

One of the biggest buffs that he received in the patch is his 3rd ability, Mana Drain. Before the patch, Mana Drain would only drain the target’s mana pool and return it as mana for Lion. However, now, it has a damaged element to it.

Since the big patch, Lion’s Mana Drain now damages the target for 100% of the damage. So, the damage potential of the hero increased quite a bit during the laning phase of the game.

Besides, Lion has two basic control spells (Earth Spike and Hex) and a massive nuke (Finger of Death) that scales with kills as his ultimate. In essence, it’s a hero that can disable a target for ages and also dish out massive damage when needed.

Aether Lens also received a buff. You can now upgrade Aether Lens to Ethereal Blade with Ghost Scepter and a Recipe. This is a great item on support Lion, which also impacts his overall effectiveness even when the game goes late.

3. Nyx Assassin:

Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b
Credit: Dota 2

Here’s an example of how the patch can bring out the strengths of some heroes even if they didn’t get buffed. Nyx Assassin didn’t receive any significant changes in Patch 7.35 or 7.35b. However, with heroes like Outworld Destroyer and Storm Spirit getting strong buffs, Nyx Assassin is quickly becoming the go-to answer to those picks.

Nyx Assassin is the perfect counter to heroes with high Intelligence and mana pool. His 2nd ability, Mind Flare, deals bonus damage based on the Intelligence of the target. So, for heroes that rely on their spells too much, Nyx can counter them pretty hard.

Besides, he has a strong stun with his Impale ability, and his 3rd ability, Spiked Carapace, can also serve as a decent control spell if he times it right. 

He’s not much of a ganker at the early levels like Lion and Nature’s Prophet, but when he gets his Level 6, he can roam the entire map with his Vendetta ability and hunt down anyone out of position.

4. Earthshaker:

Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b
Credit: Dota 2

Earthshaker is arguably the most popular support hero among Dota 2 pros, and for good reason. The level of control that this hero can provide to his team is insane!

This hero may not have received too many buffs in the new patch, but he’s still played a lot and has a pretty decent win rate in the games he appears in. 

But this hero has a bit of a learning curve since you can easily block out your own teammate with a misplaced Fissure. So make sure you try him out and learn him properly before you use him in your Ranked Matchmaking if you don’t want to be on the receiving end of your team’s rage. 

With that said, if you manage to master Earthshaker, you can bring a lot to the table for your team. This hero can gank, win team fights, deal solid damage, and also can clear creep waves easily. His amazing spells and decent tanking ability make him a great choice as a Position 4 support for the meta.

5. Winter Wyvern:

Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b
Credit: Dota 2

Winter Wyvern has a bit of a rocky history in Dota 2, with multiple buffs and nerfs to his toolkit. When the hero was released, his ultimate ability, Winter’s Curse, was considered the most broken spell in the game. However, it was soon fixed with a few nerfs, but the hero’s popularity took a big hit.

Later again, with his new Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade, it became a great hero for the Solo Mid position, but recent nerfs made her irrelevant. 

In Patch 7.35, her ultimate got buffed slightly, but that’s not the main reason why it suddenly got popular. The main reason behind her popularity is that this hero has an amazing heal and a fantastic ultimate that locks everyone in place.

In the recent buff, you also get vision over the target when you hit him with the Winter’s Curse, allowing your team to set up around it for a better team fight. Winter Wyvern has always been a good laner against tanky heroes, making him the perfect fit for the current meta.

The Bottom Line

As the meta shifts, new support heroes rise up to take center stage. It’s just part of how the game keeps things fresh and exciting. 

So, while these five heroes are considered the best support in the current patch, there’s no telling what’ll happen in the next patch. But we’re always excited to find out. Cheers!

Best Position 4 Supports to Pick in Dota 2 Patch 7.35b
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