Dota 2 Offlane Combos To Gain MMR

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Dota 2 Offlane Combos To Gain MMR

There are a couple of Dota 2 offlane combos you should be aware of, so let’s learn more details about them.

Even though a lot of people do not realize it, the offlane is one of the best positions you can be in to gain MMR. There is no arguing that being a successful offlaner is not easy and requires you to do all kinds of things, there are certain combos that will work much easier than others. That’s why it’s time to take a look at the best Dota 2 offlane combos to gain MMR.

You’re about to see several interesting options that you can use in pretty much every meta. However, every patch has its unique combos you can use, so be careful when deciding what to choose.

Undying and Venomacer

Despite the fact that these two heroes have a similar purpose and both need farm, picking them side by side can only mean 1 thing – the enemies will suffer. Undying and Venomacer are two of the most annoying heroes in Dota 2 that deal tons of damage early on. They’re easy to play against pretty much anything and can be extremely efficient.

Undying can use his Tombstone, and he can steal STR, while Venomancer’s slow and constant harras with his DoT makes it really hard for the enemy heroes to stay on the lane. Depending on who’s going to be the pos4 in this draft, Undying can also go for the Soul RIP build, which will allow him to have a heal.

The idea behind the Undying and Venomancer combo is to dominate early on and take as many fights as possible in the mid-game. Needless to say, these two heroes are not that good for the late game, so the team that has them has to try and win faster.

Skywrath Mage and Weaver

Weaver using Sukuchi in a Dota 2 loading screen

This is probably one of the weirdest Dota 2 offlane combos you’ve seen because you will probably never see it in a professional game. However, if we take a look at the PUB Dota 2 scene, we can see that these two heroes are often paired together.

While it’s true that Skywrath Mage and Weaver are two of the squishiest heroes in Dota 2, they are also really annoying to play against. Skywrath can spam his nuke all the time, and Weaver deals a lot of damage with his right clicks and is extremely fast, thanks to Shukuchi.

While it’s true that these 2 heroes need to be careful if they’re playing against stunners, they do so much damage that the enemy’s safelane carry will be forced to switch lanes or get tons of HP regen. Depending on their skill build, they can also land an easy kill on the squishy supports, which will allow them to win the lane.

Once the laning stage is over, this Dota 2 offlane combo can scale pretty well in the mid-game. Skywrath’s damage output is impressive, and Weaver can go for right-clicking items that will allow him to do tons of damage.

Legion Commander and Lich

Nowadays, you can see Lich in a lot of games, especially in lower-level PUB games. Players finally realize that the hero is incredibly strong in many situations and can be efficient when used with some of the right-clicking beasts. 

There are different combos with Lich you can go for, but one of the Dota 2 offlane combos with the hero includes Legion Commander. LC has always been one of the heroes with the highest win rate because she’s perfect during all stages of the game. When she gets Lich by her side, LC becomes almost unstoppable early on because she has HP regen, tons of armor and the ability to deal a lot of damage.

Speaking of damage, once Legion Commander gets to level 6, Lich’s slow allows her to catch her target without the need for a Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade. Depending on the situation, this could allow Legion Commander to get a lot of damage early on and use it to snowball. Keep in mind that Legion can be one of the worst heroes in the game to play against if she’s ahead, so securing a good laning stage is always a plus.

IO and Mars

The last Dota 2 offlane combos that you can use in pretty much every patch is the one between IO and Mars. Although a lot of people will choose IO for safelane support and pair the heroes with some of the popular carries like Gyrocopter, there are exceptions. IO is a special support that can work alongside a lot of heroes, one of which is Mars.

Speaking of the devil, Mars became one of the biggest offlaners in Dota 2. As soon as he was released, the hero took over this role, which explains why we see him all the time, including in PUB games.

A lot of offlaners prefer picking Mars and going on the lane alone so that they can get more experience faster. As strong as the hero is, there are situations where he’s not that good because some of the safelane combos can make his life hard. Fortunately, when he has IO by his side, it’s almost impossible to lose.

IO and Mars are two heroes that can rip through pretty much anything. Together, they are really hard to kill, and IO allows Mars to focus on doing damage. Luckily, he is one of the best damage-dealing offlaners in the game.

Final thoughts

All of the Dota 2 offlane combos mentioned in this article will work no matter the meta. They are tested over time and have proven to be highly effective. However, this doesn’t mean that you should pick them no matter what. Always check what the enemy goes for and decide what will work best. Speaking of enemies, you can check some of the best Dota 2 safe lane combos and see if you’ll have to go up against any of them.

Dota 2 Offlane Combos To Gain MMR
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