Dota 2 Safe Lane Combos To Gain MMR #2

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Dota 2 Safe Lane Combos To Gain MMR #2

We’re going to list a couple of Dota 2 Safe Lane combos you can use to gain MMR.

Even though many people will not admit it, many players are interested in Dota 2 only because they want to increase their MMR. Some players are super competitive, so they’re always looking for something that will give them an edge over their opponents. Needless to say, picking the right heroes is one of them, which is why it’s time for the second part of our Dota 2 safe lane combos you can pick to gain MMR. 

In part 1, we’ve shared more details about some of the most popular options that work in any meta. Part 2 will also focus on evergreen combos instead of specific combinations that will only work on a given patch. The heroes you’re about to see work exceptionally well together in almost any patch, so let’s learn more details about them.

Huskar and Omniknight

Even though Huskar is a hero that usually works better with Dazzle, this is not true when it comes down to the laning stage. As long as the Omniknight players knows what he’s doing and leaves Huskar to get to level 6, the two can annihilate pretty much anyone. Besides doing absurd amounts of damage, they are also hard to kill, making them ideal for PUB games.

  • Life Break + Purification + Repel + Auto Attacks with Burning Arrow – This is one of the strongest combos regarding killing an enemy hero during the laning stage. Huskar’s Life Break allows him to come close to his target and gives him attack speed so he can spam his Burning Arrows. Once he jumps on his target, Omni can immediately use Purification and heal Huskar while also doing damage to his opponents. Adding Repel right after that will allow Huskar to be unstoppable and finish off his target with the Burning Spear.
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Other than that, the two can work well even after the laning stage. Repel is incredibly strong for heroes like Huskar because it grants him a free BKB. Moreover, Huskar’s ultimate will allow the hero to stay safe against some of his potential counters.

Slark and Vengeful Spirit 

The Dota 2 hero Slark is one of the best heroes for gaining MMR in ranked games

Even though this is definitely not the standard Dota 2 Safe Lane combo to get, these 2 heroes always work well together. Vengeful Spirit is usually a name that appears in combos with Drow Ranger because of her aura. However, she can also work well with the likes of Slark because she has a stun and can remove armor.

Speaking of Slark, he’s always been a PUB stomper. In fact, this is probably one of the most annoying heroes you can get, especially in a game where the enemy team does not know what to do. You can use him in conjunction with a lot of support, but the combo with Vengfe is something that works in every meta.

  • Wave of Terror + Pounce + Dark Pact + Magic Missile + Auto Attacks

For this combo to work, Vengeful Spirit needs to start the engagement by using her Wave of Terror, which will reduce the enemy’s armor. While this is happening, Slark needs to be in a position to Pounce his target, allowing him to latch to it and keep it in place. Of course, the two heroes have to start attacking it after that.

Once the duration of Pounce is over, Venge has to use her stun, and during that time, Slark should have used his Dark Pact at least once. Depending on the length of the engagement, the hero can use it more than once.

If Venge is level 6 and has her ult, she can also use it on the enemy hero that’s trying to escape. However, if both heroes use their abilities on time, the enemy hero should be dead by the time the stun is over.

Monkey King and Lion

When it comes down to annoying heroes in the early game, only a few come close to Monkey King. The latter has been one of the worst heroes you can play against, no matter the combo you have. He is incredibly hard to kill, has tons of mobility, and his damage output early on is insane. Considering this information, it’s no surprise MK works wonders with pretty much any lane support, including things like Lion.

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Lion and MK are strong due to the fact they have 3 stuns and a slow. As long as these heroes do not overlap their abilities, they can kill literally everyone. Sure, Monkey King and Lion are not the tankiest laners and can suffer against aggressive offlane heroes, but this does not really happen in PUB games.

  • Melee attacks from MK + Earth Spike + Melee Attacks + Boundless Strike + Attacks + Hex

If you execute this combo right, it’s impossible for a target to survive. Monkey King’s passive ability gives him tons of bonus damage. Ideally, he should get 1 or two attacks before Lion uses his stun. Once that happens, he will get the next hits to get his proc, which will allow him to use a very deadly Boundless Strike. If the hero is still alive, Lion can use Hex and keep attacking it, which should be enough to secure a kill.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, the carry heroes mentioned here can work with a lot of other names. Pretty much any support that has a stun or slow can be used alongside them because of the damage output. The good thing about it is that it does not matter what meta you’re playing on because those combos will always work really well.

With that said, it’s recommended to use the best combos for the given meta if you want to make the most while playing. People will often underestimate the power of the meta combos, but we’ve seen that they can be powerful.

Dota 2 Safe Lane Combos To Gain MMR #2
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