Three Dota 2 Safelane Combos To Gain MMR with

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Three Dota 2 Safelane Combos To Gain MMR with

Here are some of the best Dota 2 safelane combos to gain MMR with.

Most PUB Dota 2 players are willing to do almost everything to gain MMR. Sadly,  there are instances where this is not possible because of things outside of our control.

The good news is that you can increase your chance of gaining MMR by knowing which heroes to pick. If you are a carry or a support player, you can pick some of the best Dota 2 safelane combos and destroy the enemy’s offlaner. Doing this will increase your chances of winning and gaining MMR, which will help you on your way to the Divine/Immortal bracket.

Even though every meta has top-tier combos to focus on, a few evergreen options will work in any patch. With that said, let’s learn more about the top-tier Dota 2 safe lane combos in the game.

Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden

If you pay attention to the Dota 2 voice lines of certain heroes, you will see that they often interact with each other. One of the heroes that do that are Crystal Maiden and Juggernaut, so it should not be surprising that those heroes are an amazing duo.

If you are looking for a top-tier Dota safe lane combo to gain MMR with, Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden should be on your list. These two heroes will work well in any meta because of their ability to kill the enemy offlaner.

CM’s Frostbite + Slow and mana regen allow Juggernaut to be a lot more effective with his  Bladefury. Here are a few possible scenarios that will almost always result in a kill

  • Crystal Nova + Blade Fury – The damage + Slow from CM mixed with Blade Fury’s insane early-game DPS makes it a very dangerous combo against anyone who does not have any abilities that allow it to escape.
  • Frostbite + Blade Fury – Some CM players prefer focusing on Frostbite. This is even better than Forst Nova because it keeps the target in place, allowing Juggernaut to use his Blade Fury.
  • Frostbite/Crystal Nova – Omnislash – Once Juggernaut hits level 6, he can kill almost any hero in the game, especially alongside CM. If the latter uses her abilities on time, the enemy hero will be left alone, allowing Jugg to use his ult and core a kill.

Ideally, Juggernaut players should try to hit their enemies when possible because they can land a random critical strike. Once that happens, he and CM can go for a kill.

IO and Gyrocopter

The second popular combo that can work in the safelane (as well as in other lanes for that matter) is between IO and Gyrocopter. Old-school Dota 2 players probably remember that these two heroes were prevalent before. Even though they may not work in every meta, Io and Gyrocopter can be amazing options for a variety of situations.

IO helps Gyro be more aggressive than usual because he can heal him and provide AS. Gyro has enough damage on his own to kill almost everyone. So the fact that he can survive for longer allows him to be way more effective.

  • Tether + Rocket Barrage – These two abilities make the IO and Gyro one of the best Dota 2 safelane combos to gain MMR with. Tether provides bonus MS, heal, and mana,  and it can slow enemies. This works exceptionally well with Gyro because the latter has to stay close to his enemies to use Rocket Barrage. Consequently, the two heroes can easily kill almost anyone, including the heroes that are more difficult to deal with.
  • Tether + Overcharge and Flak Cannon – The combination between these three skills usually work better later on. However, they can also be highly efficient during the laning stage. We’ve mentioned the advantages of using Tether, but Overcharge is also great because it adds 110 attack speed, spell amp, and HP regen to the target. This allows Gyrocopter’s Flak Cannon to be a lot more efficient and farm much faster.

Slark and Witch Doctor 

Slark pounces on enemy

Even though this is probably not the first combo that comes ot mind with Slark, it works really well in a lot of situations. Slark is a hero that can be extremely annoying in the laning stage and almost unstoppable to kill if he gets a good start. That’s why pairing him with the right support in the laning stage is important.

When it comes down to Dota 2 safelane combos to gain MMR with, Slark and Witch Doctor are good options. The latter allows Slark to be more aggressive and helps him with kills. Here are a few ability combos to be aware of.

Paralyzing Cask + Maledict + Dark Pact + Punce + Dark Pact – This combo seems really complicated on paper, but in reality, it is easy to pull off and highly effective. If the Witch Doctor player knows what he’s doing, he will be able to stun his target at least 2 or even 3 times. Once the first stun connects, he has to use Maledict right away and start attacking him.

During that time, Slark needs to be close and use his Dark Pact immediately so it can go off cooldown after that. Of course, he needs to start attacking the target because it will allow him to steal Essence Shifts. Once the stun is over, Slark needs to use his Pounce and keep attacking the target (depending on the hero, it could be dead because Maledict will tick a few times).

If the target survives, Slark has to keep hitting it and use Dark Pact again (it should be off cooldown by then). This combo will almost always result in a kill because the damage will enable Maledict to finish off the target.

Other than that, Voodoo Restoration can also help Slark be more aggressive, but Witch Doctor is not really in range that often, so it’s more of a defensive tool to save him when needed.

Three Dota 2 Safelane Combos To Gain MMR with
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