Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Guide – Tips & Best Items

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Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Guide – Tips & Best Items

This Dota 2 Crystal Maiden guide will show you why one of the all-time classic support heroes is so good.

People looking for the ultimate Crystal Maiden Dota 2 guide have come to the right place. One of Dota 2’s most popular support heroes has always been a part of the meta, especially in PUB games. Hence, people are interested in learning more information about it.

Crystal Maiden is a ranged Intelligent hero that starts with 280 movement speed. Furthermore, he has a 46-52 attack, 600 range, and 1.7 armor. Aside from the Crystal Maiden Dota 2 arcana, there are many other interesting things about the hero, so let’s dive in.


Crystal Maiden Dota 2 Support

Before looking at the Dota 2 Crystal Maiden wolf, here’s more information about the hero’s abilities.

  • Crystal Nova – This ability deals 260 damage and slows down the enemy’s movement speed by 50 and its attack speed by 75. On level 4, this ability has an 8s cooldown.
  • Frostbite – Frostbite freezes a hero for 3s, dealing 100 damage per second. Interestingly, you can use it for up to 10s on creeps.
  • Arcane Aura – This is a passive ability that grants all heroes 1 mana regen per second. CM herself gets 6. Mana per sec and allies within 1200 range will get 3 mana/sec.
  • Freezing Field – This is a channeling ability that deals 250 damage per second for 10s. During that time, the ability gives 20 bonus armor and slows the enemy’s attack speed by 60 and movement speed by 40. 

A quick look at the Crystal Maiden Dota 2 wiki shows that an Aghanim’s Shard will grant a new ability called Crstyal Clone. It will allow the hero to slide backward 275 unites and create a crystal clone of herself in her place. Once this clone is destroyed or 5s elapse, it will apply Frostbite to all enemies within 400 radius. Heroes can't target the close, but it can be damaged using AoE abilities. This spell has a 2s cooldown and costs 50 mana.Players who get the Aghanim’s Scepter will allow the hero to move, attack and cast spells while using it, as well as apply Frostbite to all enemies that are affected by it. Furthermore, the Frostbite duration is up fro 1.75s to 2.5s.

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The talents are another thing we need to check out in this Crystal Maiden Dota 2 guide.

Level 10 – +125 Crystal Nova AoE or +250 Health

Level 15 – -3s Crystal Nova Cooldown or +125 Frostbite Cast Range

Level 20 – +50 Freezing Field Damage or +225 Attack Speed

Level 25 – +240 Crystal Nova Damage or +1.25s Frostbite Duration

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Guide – Tips

Crystal Maiden restores mana to her allies

Whether using the Dota 2 Crystal Maiden persona or regular items, you will always support the team. There are cases where CM can be a position 4, but usually, the hero is a hard support. This means your job is to stay on the lane with the carry and ensure he has a good game.

Crystal Maiden’s abilities allow the hero to harass the enemy’s offlaner. However, since she is very slow and extremely fragile, she can die in seconds. Consequently, you have to be very careful not to feed because enemies will always try to kill you.

An interesting Dota 2 Crystal Maiden tip that people forget to apply is to farm the neutral camps with their Frostbite. If things are going well and your carry doesn’t need you on the lane, you can always use this ability while stacking and farming. Crystal Maiden is a pretty good farmer when compared to other supports, which allows her to get the items she wants much faster.

Following the end of the laning stage, Crystal Maiden’s primary job is to land her slows and stuns and try to survive for as long as possible. She’ll usually be the enemy team’s go-to target, so your job is to try and make the most of it. In an ideal situation, you will be able to distract the enemies and allow your team to strike back and kill them.

An important thing to remember is that CM’s ultimate is incredibly strong, and people often underestimate it. So, if you are in a good position, definitely put it to the test, and you may get numerous kills.

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Pros and Cons 

In addition to the cool Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Arcana, the hero has a lof of other advantages:

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  • Good laner
  • The hero can farm the jungle
  • Crystal Maiden works really well with some of the popular combos
  • She’s very dangerous in teamfights


  • Very fragile
  • Slow
  • The go-to target for most enemies

Starting Items

Crystal Maiden attacks Greevils in Diretide

What’s interesting about the Dota 2 Crystal Maiden build is that the hero almost always starts with some HP regen, wards, and stats. She doesn’t really need mana regen because of her passive ability.

Early game

The early game items we want to include in this Dota 2 Crystal Maiden guide are Boots of speed and Magic Wand. These are the must-haves, so everything else is a bonus.

Mid game

Crystal Maiden’s mid-game depends on a lot of things, but she should have at least Tranquil Boots and Glimmer Cape. The latter is all she needs to be effective because it allows her to escape from danger and help her allies when needed.

Late game

The Crystal Maiden Dota 2 build for the late game should include items like Blink Dagger and Black King Bar. Those two things will allow the hero to jump in and use the deadly ultimate without worrying about something interrupting it.

Aside from these two, players can also get a Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Force Staff, and Ghost Scepter.

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Guide – Counter

When it comes down to the Dota 2 Crystal Maiden counter, the hero has a few tough matchups. Yet, we must remember that this is a support, meaning that enemies won’t try to counter her.

  • Riki – Riki’s insane damage and the hero’s Smoke Screen make him a solid option against CM.
  • Bounty Hunter – BH is similar to Riki but much worse for Crystal Maiden. He deals more damage, Track allows him to see CM while in Glimmer’s Cape, and his Shuriken Toss can interrupt Friezing Field.
  • Bristleback – This hero can slow down CM and kill her with little to no effort.
  • Earth Spirit – ES”s high mobility that has stun and silence, meaning he’s incredibly strong against CM.

Final Thoughts

Aside from everything mentioned so far, the Crystal Maiden Dota 2 skins are also really good. The hero has some of the best items in the game, so she’s a hero that’s worth the shot.

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Guide – Tips & Best Items
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