Dota 2 Venomancer Guide – How To Win Games

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Dota 2 Venomancer Guide – How To Win Games

Here’s the Dota 2 Venomancer guide you’ve been waiting for.

Venomancer is one of those Dota 2 heroes that could work in a variety of positions and games. His versatility makes him a very important hero for the professional and PUB scene. That’s why this Venomancer Dota 2 guide will reveal more details about him.

For starters, you need to know that this is a ranged Universal hero that starts with 280 movement speed and 4 armor. He has deals between 42-45 damage early on and has a 450 range. There are many other things you need to be aware of regarding this hero, and in this article, we will go through them.


Before choosing your preferred Venomancer Dota 2 build, here’s more information about the hero. 

  • Venomous Gale – When used, Venomancer releases a Gale that slows down enemies by 50%. Moreover, the ability deals 125 initial damage and 105 damage per tick, which is every 3 seconds. It lasts for up to 15 seconds.
  • Poison Sting – This passive ability allowed Venomancer’s attack to slow down a target by 14% and deal 32 damage per second for a total of 15 seconds.
  • Plague Ward – This ability allows Venomancer to place a ward that lasts for 40s and deals 40 damage per attack and 50% of your Poison Sting damage. Each ward has 450 HP on level 4 and lasts for 40s.
  • Noxious Plague – This ability allows the hero to inflict nearby opponents, dealing up to 350 initial damage and 6% of their max HP as damage per second for 5s. During that time, enemies are also slowed down by 50%.

Regardless of the Dota 2 Venomancer build you go for, you can get a Shard, and it will grant you a Latent Toxicity ability. This thing deals 20 damage per second, slows down a target by 10%, and lasts 7s. Furthermore, if an enemy dispels the poison, it will deal 300 damage.

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Getting an Aghanim’s Scepter will allow you to get Poison Nova, which is a passive ability that will let you inflict all enemies with a poison that deals 3% of max HP per second as damage and reduces a given target’s magic resistance by 20%.


Venomancer uses poison attacks to slow enemy's movement speed

Before going to the Venomancer Dota 2 Reddit, here are the hero’s talents you need to be aware of:

  • Level 10 – 15% Poison Sting Health Regen Reduction or -5s Venomous Gale CD
  • Level 15 – +8% Poison Sting Slow or -1s Plague Ward Cooldown
  • Level 20 – Gale Creates Plague Wards or +1.5% Noxious Plague Max HP Damage
  • Level 25 – 2.5x Plague Ward HP/Damage or Noxious Plague Aura reduces 200 Attack Speed

Dota 2 Venomancer Guide – Tips

A quick look at the Venomancer Dota 2 wiki shows that this hero is unique in many ways. Even though he can fit in many roles, most players use him as a position 4 in the offlane or a mid-laner when they want to counter someone. With that said, there isn’t much of a difference in the play style.

Venomancer is all about doing as much DoT as possible and preventing people from using their Blink Daggers. This is among the best counters to enemies that rely on this item to be effective, such as Magnus, Axe, Enigma, and more. All of his abilities (including his normal attack) apply a DoT effect, so they won’t be able to use this item as long as Venomancer has “access to them”.

Besides the standard things that all supports and midders do, Venomancer can be an excellent option for pushing. If you decide to use the Venomancer Dota 2 support build that

focuses on his ward, the hero can easily push any tower and farm the Neutral camps. Furthermore, those wards give him a pretty good laning because most enemies will be afraid of ganking him.

Venomancer Dota 2 guide – Pros and Cons

If you want to become a Dota 2 Venomancer Immortla, you need to know more about the pros and cons.

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  • Great against heroes that need a Blink Dagger
  • The hero deals a lot of damage
  • He can lane well against a lot of heroes
  • Venomancer is a fairly fast farmer when compared to a lot of other heroes


  • He is not that effective against BKB
  • The hero is not that strong in the late game

Dota 2 Venomancer Items

Venomancer uses Venomous Gale to slow down his opponents

Another important thing to know about this Dota 2 Venomancer guide is the best items for the hero.

Starting items

Aside from the observer wards and tangoes, Venomancer players who focus on their wards will need to get some kind of mana regen.

Early game

The best yearly game items for this hero include boots of speed and a Magic Wand. Core Venomancer players can also start accumulating gold to get other important items.

Mid game

In the mid-game, Veno’s items range from Eu’s and Veil of Discord to Shadow Blade, Aghanim’s Scepter, Drum of Endurance, and more. Support players will probably focus on getting things like a Glimmer Cape or something similar.

Late game

Venomancer’s late game items can be any of the ones mentioned earlier. Some players who have a core role decide to get things like Shiva’s Guard, Scythe of Vyse, Rod of Atos, Octarine Core, and more. It all depends on whether the hero is a support or not.

Dota 2 Venomancer counter

Despite the fact that the hero is pretty strong against a lot of opponents, there are a few big counters he needs to be aware of.

  • Abaddon – The hero can dispel Venomancer’s slow, and he is hard to kill.
  • Huskar – Huskar can regenerate tons of HP, meaning he is strong against all DoT effects
  • Legion Commander – LC is also a pretty solid option against Veno because of his dispel and high damage output.

Final Thoughts

Venomancer is an interesting hero capable of upsetting a lot of heroes. His damage over time effect can be really strong when paired with some heroes. Although he has some weaknesses, overall, the hero is pretty strong.

Dota 2 Venomancer Guide – How To Win Games
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