Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance – Best Two Heroes To Get Against An Aggressive Offlane

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Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance – Best Two Heroes To Get Against An Aggressive Offlane

Are you wondering which are the best two heroes to get for the offlane? Well, this Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance article will reveal everything.

The offlane has to be one of the most exciting yet challenging roles in Dota 2. It used to be a lane where a team would only send 1 hero, but things have changed. The meta has been completely different in the last couple of years, so instead of one hero, you often have duo lanes. So, after taking a look at the best Dota 2 duo heroes for the safe lane, it’s time to take a look at the best offlane options. 

Axe and Omniknight

Yes, these two heroes are both melee, and yes, they do require a lot of EXP, but hear me out. I can promise you that this Dota 2 duo queue combo can do wonders if you have to play against a melee carry. Sure, the support can harass you a bit, but once Omniknight and Axe both get to level 3, things become difficult for the enemy.

Axe alone is usually enough to win almost any lane. When you add Omni to the combo, the latter provides a lot of utility. Omni allows Axe to be even more aggressive because the latter can dive when needed. He can also chase behind towers and much more.

As I said, the only real downside is that both heroes are melee and require more experience. Playing against a tri-lane where all 3 heroes are ranged is definitely not ideal, but if Axe knows what he is doing, he can carry this combo.

Bristleback and Keeper of the Light

One of the combos that you don’t think you need until you give it a shot. Bristleback and Keeper of the Light is the Dota 2 duo queue that can rip through every single safelane. 

The reason why these two heroes work so well together is because of their damage output. Kotl can easily control the lane when needed, and his burst damage is pretty impressive. What’s even more impressive is that Keeper of the Light can give Bristleback infinite mana. The latter is one of the few drawbacks that Bristleback has to deal with, but thanks to Kotl, his damage output is insane.

Despite not having any abilities to disable the enemies, Keeper of the Light and Bristleback are two heroes that I suggest trying out. You can swap Bristle for other popular carries and STR heroes, and it would probably still work, but BB is tough to kill, so he is definitely worth getting. 

Legion Commander and Dazzle

Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance - Best Two Heroes To Get For The OffLane

Normally, Dazzle is a hero that you pair with Huskar, which is one of the reasons why I added this duo to my suggestion for the safe lane. While it is true that you can also use these two heroes in the offlane, I feel like it is better to pair Dazzle with Legion Commander.

LC is extremely underrated regarding the offlane, but I believe she is one of the best options you can have.

Once you get these two heroes, you can easily rip through the enemies, even if you have to play against 2 ranged heroes. LC can be way more aggressive than usual because she has Dazzle behind her. Also, if Dazzle is good, LC will not lose a single duel throughout the game, allowing her to snowball.

Viper and Venomancer

If you hate someone on the enemy team, and this person happens to be in the safe lane, you can get the Viper and Venomamcer combo. Normally, these two heroes do not work well together because they both require a lot of farm. However, in this situation, Venomancer has to be a position 4 support and allow Viper to farm.

The reason why I believe these two work together is because of the slow and DoT. Both are extremely annoying to play against, so just imagine how the enemy team carry will feel when he has to go up against you. 

If you and your Dota 2 Duo Queue friend decide to get this combo for the offlane, your goal should be to dominate early on and prevent the hero from farming. Also, you should probably focus on having a draft that is good at pushing. Even though Viper and Venomancer are annoying, they are not like some of the other popular offlaners, so keep that in mind.

Weaver and Skywrath Mage

Despite being glass cannons, I firmly believe that Weaver and Skywrath Mage is among the best options you can have if you want to dominate the offlane. These two are incredibly annoying (probably even more than the Viper and Veno combo), so don’t be surprised when you see them in the game.

Weaver’s damage output is insane early on, and he is one of the hardest heroes to kill (pretty much impossible if there are no disables). Skywrath, on the other hand, is easier to bring down, but he makes up for it by having one of the most annoying abilities for the early game.

When used together, these heroes can win the offlane regardless of the opponents. In fact, I have had many situations where the entire enemy team decided to rotate its safe lane just because they couldn’t do anything against it. These are some of the reasons why I believe these are among the Dota 2 Duo Queue combos that are worth it.

Necrophos and Abaddon  

An old-school classic that I believe is worth getting includes Necrophos and Abaddon. These two heroes are incredibly dangerous together, and both received good buffs recently. Nowadays, both are extremely hard to bring down, and their damage output is really impressive. 

I have seen this combo in several variations, but in most cases, Necrophos is the one that farms, whereas Abaddon is supporting him. However, I have tried using the combo the other way around, and I can safely say it also works. Just decide which hero will farm based on your opponents. 

In terms of the gameplay, both heroes have heal and Abaddon also has a shield. In other words, it is almost impossible to kill them and on top of that, they deal a lot of damage. Overall, this is a combo that can work against anything.

Final Thoughts

I firmly believe you can achieve a Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance in the offlane using these combos. That said, don’t forget to check the current meta and see which options stand out.

Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance – Best Two Heroes To Get Against An Aggressive Offlane
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