Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance 2024 – Best Two Heroes To Get For The Safe Lane

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Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance 2024 – Best Two Heroes To Get For The Safe Lane

The first edition of the Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance article will take a look at the safelane. Let’s learn more about them.

Knowing which Dota 2 duo heroes to get to win the safe lane is incredibly important. Whether you are the carry or the support, it is important that these two heroes have good synergy between them. Sure, there are certain meta combos that are usually better than others, but I have been playing the game for more than 11 years now, and I know that some combos are evergreen.

What you are about to see is my list of the best Dota 2 duo heroes you can get in your lane. There might be many other meta options, but these stand out, so let’s learn more about them. 

Dazzle and Huskar

Before you freak out, yes, I know that Huskar is a mid laner, and most of you will probably go there. However, I believe that he can also work well as a carry, especially when he is teamed up with the likes of Dazzle.

The reason why the Dazzle and Huskar combo is so popular is because of its aggression. Huskar is one of the most offensive heroes in Dota 2, and the fact that he has Dazzle to Dazzle to heal and save him makes him even stronger.

It is worth knowing that these two heroes may struggle until they reach level 3. Once this happens, Huskar can start spamming the enemy offlaner and push him away. This is where it becomes really hard for that hero to bounce back because Huskar can zone him out. If the enemy decides to approach, he will take a lot of damage and could die in a matter of seconds.

Huskar and Dazzle are one of the Dota 2 combos that works in every patch. It may not be the go-to option in the meta, but it can do wonders in PUBs.

Lich and Ursa



When talking about a Dota 2 combo lane option that you can use, Ursa will be one of the popular picks. Due to the hero's nature, you can use her alongside a lot of offensive support. However, I have found that she works extremely well when paired with Lich.

The reason why these do wonders is because of Ursa’s damage and Lich’s slowness. The latter does not do that much damage, but the slow allows Ursa to stack even more Fury Swipes. Once she gets enough, she can easily kill the enemy with just a couple of attacks.

Ursa is a pretty tank hero in general, and I rarely had problems with harassing (except for when I had to lane against very specific opponents). Lich also works well here because the support can provide a shield that makes Ursa even harder to kill. 

Slark and Lion

Lion is a hero that you can use in many Dota 2 Duo Queue combos, but for the purpose of this article, I will add Slark to the list. Slark is one of those heroes that you want to master when playing Dota 2 pubs. He is highly efficient in almost all rank brackets, and I can say that he is probably the best when playing against lower-rated players.

Considering the hero’s Essence Shift ability, he is one of the Dota 2 combo keys you definitely want to have. Thanks to Lion’s CC and Slark’s damage output, these two can kill almost anyone on the lane. Once Slark gets a good start and secures good timing on his Shadow Blade, he will take over the game and (usually) carry his team. I have done that numerous times, and yes, it is that easy.

I want to point out that Slark and Lion are two heroes who can have a hard time against an aggressive lane. So, in situations where you know what you’ll go up against those kinds of heroes, it is probably better to get a 2nd support ot swap Lion for something tankier, such as Treant Protector.

Juggernaut and Ogre Magi

Wait, aren’t these two heroes both melee? How are they one of the Dota 2 combo safe lane to go for?

Yes, these two heroes are both melee and they are not ideal for every situation. However, this is one of those Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance options that can win you a lot more games than you think.

The reason why these two heroes work together is because of their crazy damage output and survivability. Starting with Juggernaut, this is probably one of the best carries you can have early on because Bladefury is incredibly powerful. Juggernaut also has a healing ward, and he can land occasional critical strikes.

In terms of Ogre Magi, oh boy, where do I even start? For starters, he is one of the tankiest supports in the game, so bringing him down is easier said than done. He also deals a lot of physical damage, as well as magical damage. He has a stun and a slow, both of which help Juggernaut maximize his Bladefury damage output.

On top of all that, Ogre can give Juggernaut Bloodlust, which is probably the best buff you can ask for outside of Empower.

Warlock and Terrorblade

Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance 2024 - Best Two Heroes To Get For The Safe Lane

This is not one of these Dota 2 combo wombo that you will have tons of fun killing the enemy offlaner. In fact, I feel like this is probably one of the most boring Dota 2 combos you can go for while playing in PUBs.

However, if you are looking for efficiency and want to use something that will allow you to win games, this is it. It is not a Dota 2 combo with Pudge, but Warlock and Terrorblade are extremely strong in the laning stage. They won’t be able to kill that many heroes early on, but Warlock ensures that Terrorblade has an excellent laning stage. He can heal him and harass the enemy, which will give TB the much-needed free farm.

Speaking of farming, this is exactly what Terrorblade has to focus on in this Dota 2 Duo Queue dominance combo. Once it is time to push the enemy tower, TB can use his Metamorphosis, and Warlock can heal him. I have noticed this is usually enough to push any tower.

Once the laning stage is over, Warlock’s ultimate is always good to have because it offers an AoE stun, and the Golem can do a lot of damage.


The Dota 2 duo heroes combos that I mentioned here are just some of the options you can go for. Generally speaking, every support that has a disable can do well with an aggressive carry. Picking the right option usually comes down to the enemies you have to go up against. There are castles where you may want to have more defensive support because this will allow you to do better.

Dota 2 Duo Queue Dominance 2024 – Best Two Heroes To Get For The Safe Lane
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