Valorant Ultimate Tier List – From Worst to Best (2024)

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Valorant Ultimate Tier List –  From Worst to Best (2024)

This Valorant Ultimate Tier List will show you the best and worst ultimates in the game for 2024. Let’s dive in.

Everyone knows that the ultimates are the strongest abilities in every game. This is true for things like Dota 2, League of Legends, and, of course, Vaalorant. When talking about Valorant ultimates, each agent has one. Depending on the meta, this ult can be devastating, or it can be just another ability you need to be aware of.

No matter whether you are playing a duelist, controller, sentinel, or initiator, each Agent will offer you an ultimate that you need to know how to use. I won’t go into detail about how to use each ability because this guide will focus on ranking them from best to worst. Let’s dive in.


This  Valorant ultimate ranked article will begin with the worst ultimate ability in the game as of early 2024.

Gekko – Thrash

We want to start our Valorant Tier List with the worst ultimate in the game, and we think the honor goes to Gekko. Thrash is just not an ult you want to rely on because you may not see any enemies at all. Depending on how you are using it, you may not get any information, or the details you will learn are just not that good. Considering this, I believe that this Valorant ultimate is just not that good right now.


The next tier in my Valorant ultimate tier list consists of ults that can work, but it really depends on who is using them. Due to the Valorant ultimate cost and the fact that some of the more tricky to use, finding use these abilities is not always easy.

Jett – Blade Storm

Despite the fact that this Valorant ultimate is probably one of the coolest-looking in the game, The reality is that it is not that effective. Sure, enemies who can land headshots can do wonders, but from what I’ve seen, most players miss their shots a lot.  If you do not fall into this category and land your shots, you can make it work.

Besides the Valorant Ultimate points, something to remember is that this ability is good for the eco rounds because you don’t need to buy a gun.

Harbor – Reckoning

This Valorant Ultimate is not bad because you can get much info from it. However, it is just not as good as Cypher’s ult. Also, enemies that are stunned can simply walk away. When you add the fact that the ability costs a lot of points, it is easy to see why it is low on our Valorant Ultimate tier list.

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Fade – Nightfall

Valorant Ultimate Tier List - From Worst to Best (2024)

Besides the cool Valorant Ultimate voice lines associated with Fade’s ult, the latter can be really strong in many situations. However, I don’t feel like it is that impactful to deserve a higher spot on my Valorant Ultimate tier list.

The Valorant Ultimat ranked article continues with the D-Tier ults. From my experience, they can work well in most situations, but they are not as deadly as some of the other names. 

Breach – Rolling Thunder

The first name on the Valorant Ultimate Tier list is Brach’s Rolling Thunder. His ult is good in some situations, especially when the player uses it correctly. I feel like Breach and Fade can be in the same tier, by from my experience, Breach’s ultimate is slightly more effective. 

Deadlock – Annihilation

Annihilation is pretty cool, and it can be devastating when you decide to enter a given site. Depending on the enemies you capture, you can clear the entire area. The only downside is that this ultimate ability in Valorant is not that easy to use.

Neon – Overdrive

Neon is an interesting ultimate, and it is actually easier to use when compared to most other ultimates. However, what I’ve noticed is that most people know how to play against it, so I’m adding it to the D-tier.


Some of the best Valorant ultimate in 2024 are here, and for a good reason. People who know how to use them can do wonders, so let’s learn what to expect.

Chamber – Tour de Force

Valorant Ultimate Tier List - From Worst to Best (2024)

This is probably one of the easier ults to use in Valorant, which is why most people think it is actually one of the best Valorant ultimates in the game. It is like an Operator but a lot better, in my opinion. Also, the ult means you can drop a gun to your allies, which is great for the economy. What’s not good is that people who aren’t good with snipers will not be able to make the most of it. 

Omen – From the Shadows

Valorant Ultimate Tier List - From Worst to Best (2024)

Omen’s ult is great if you want to rotate or sneak behind your enemies. The utility is endless and it really depends on your situation, but it can do wonders. The only downside is that it’s not that “noob-friendly”, hence the lower position in the Valorant ultimate tier list.

Yoru – Dimensional Drift

The invisibility offered by Yoru is great for many situations, and I think many of you will like it. The reason why this is on the E-tier in the Valorant ultimate tier list is similar to Omen’s. It is very effective, but some people may not know how to use it properly.


The ults here are among the best and are easier to use than it seems.

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Skye – Seekers

This is a better version of Fade’s ultimate, so you can often see it in the Valorant Ultimates ranked lists. Skye’s best ability works really well against the Viper and other agents.


The next name on the Valorant ultimate tier list is NULL/CMD, an ability that is great for entering a given site. It also works as a second life, making it very effective.

Cypher – Neutral Theft

Valorant Ultimate Tier List - From Worst to Best (2024)
Credit: Riot Games

Cypher’s ult is good, especially if you know to do with the information you are getting. It sounds easy, but a lot of people aren’t sure how to utilize it, so check at leasta few guides to see how it works.

Sova – Hunter’s Fury

Sova’s ult can be combined with a lot of other abilities, push enemies out of corners, and more.


These ults are incredibly strong and can make a big difference.

Rayna – Empress

Valorant Ultimate Tier List - From Worst to Best (2024)

One of the best ults on our Valorant ultimate tier list. It makes the hero almost unstoppable and the agent can deal a lot more damage than any other agent in the game.

Phoenix – Run it Back

When used currently, the Valorant ultimate is great because it allows you to clear sites. Also, it does not cost that many points.

Astra – Cosmic Divide

If you check the Valorant Ultimate scoreboard, there is a good chance you will find Astra. She can block a lot of portions of the map, allowing her team to be much more effective. 


The ults here have the ability to carry your team

Brimstone – Orbital Strike

Besides the cool name, Orbital Strike is really good because you can kill your enemies immediately. Moreover, using it requires no skill, which is ideal for new players.

Viper – Viper’s Pit

Valorant Ultimate Tier List - From Worst to Best (2024)

This is one of those ultimates in Valorant that can win you the game. You don’t even need to be that good to use it because you have an advantage over your opponents. Just make sure you are close when using your ult.

Iso – Kill Contract

The last on the A-Tier is Iso’s ultimate. This 1v1 battle is underrated, but it allows you to get an enemy away from the site, which is extremely strong and benefits your team.


These are the best Valorant Ultimates you can use in 2024. They are effective in a wide range of situations.

Raze – Showstopper

Showstopper is against a rocket that deals insane damage, and it is very easy to use. Simply aim at your enemies, and you can rip through your opponents.

Sage – Resurrection

Sage’s ult is straightforward and even overpowered as long as your teammates know what they’re doing. Reviving someone is very powerful, so Sage’s ult is so high on our Valorant ultimate tier list.

Killjoy – Lockdown

Despite the nerfs that Killjoy got in early 2024, we believe she has the best Valorant ultimate in the game. After all, you can clear the entire site, and all enemies will need to run away.  You can also combine it with a lot of other things. 

Valorant Ultimate Tier List –  From Worst to Best (2024)
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