Valorant Sentinels: Best to Worst

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Valorant Sentinels: Best to Worst

We ranked all Valorant Sentinels based on their pick rate in professional matches

Sentinel is one of the four categories for Agents in Valorant. The characters in this class are dedicated to defense. Their utilities help hold down areas of a map and watch flanks for their team.

Currently, there are five Sentinels in Valorant: Cypher, Sage, Killjoy, Chamber, and Deadlock. Each of these Agents has their own unique set of abilities. However, statistics clearly show which of them have been dominating the meta.

After looking at the Sentinel pick rates in recent professional matches, here is our ranking of these Agents from best to worst.


Killjoy has been the queen of Sentinels in Valorant for a long time now. Compared to Agents like Chamber, Sage and Deadlock, she offers way more through her utilities. Moreover, even with Cypher’s recent buffs, Killjoy’s ultimate still gives her an edge. Therefore, having her hold down sites, especially on maps like Ascent, Split, Pearl and Lotus, is much better than using any other Sentinels.

Why Killjoy Is the Best Valorant Sentinel?

Unlike the rest of the Agents in the category, Killjoy can offer much more information. Her Turret (E) has a 180-degree view of an area, making it better than most Sentinel traps. While you will have to check Cypher’s camera to see if there is any enemy, Killjoy’s Turret will automatically detect and shoot opponents in its view.

Another part of Killjoy’s utility that proves to be way more effective than any other Agents on this ranking is her ultimate called Lockdown (X). This ability helps your team clear out a large area by detaining all enemies caught in it.


Killjoy’s abilities demand her to stay in a specific area to be active – a weakness that Cypher doesn’t share. This Agent is the master of information, spying on enemies and taking control of an entire site or multiple areas of the map. With Cypher, you can easily control large maps like Breeze, where the Agent can set up his utilities on the B site while playing the opposite area.

Before listing why Cypher is one of the best Sentinel Agents in the game, it’s important to mention why he isn’t as strong as Killjoy. Cypher’s Neural Theft (X) provides the location of the enemies for a brief moment, while Killjoy can take an entire site under her control with Lockdown. Such disparity in their ultimate abilities proves why Killjoy is still dominating the meta.

With that being set, here’s why Cypher is a strong Sentinel:

  • Trapwires (C) can be used to gather information and also secure kills
  • Cyber Cages (Q) are not only effective as vision-blocking abilities but also provide information if pushed by an enemy
  • Cypher’s abilities do not have an activation range, making him excellent for larger maps


The Deadeye of Valorant used to rule the meta in 2022, as his arsenal dominated at the hands of a good aimer. While Chamber is considered a Sentinel Agent, his playstyle is more like a Duelist, with two of his abilities being weapons with enhanced capabilities. The only ability in this Agent’s kit that is dedicated to holding down sites and gathering information is his Trademark (C).

After getting nerfed to the ground, Chamber has barely appeared in the last few pro tournaments. With recent patches working on buffs, this Agent can still be used in specific situations, especially on maps like Bind, where Killjoy and Cypher don’t prove to be the greatest.


Even though Sage is the third highest-picked Agent in Valorant games, she isn’t as powerful as Killjoy or Cypher. She was picked only once at Champions 2023, and the reason behind her low pick rate is primarily because of her playstyle.

Sage isn’t like your typical Sentinel, as her utilities do not help her get any information. Therefore, she falls short in a game where knowing the enemies’ position is essential for victory. Most of her utilities are only good for stopping pushes briefly. On top of that, Skye has a superior healing ability compared to Sage’s.


Even though Deadlock’s abilities are unique compared to the rest of the Agents in her category, she remains to be the weakest Sentinel in the game. While her kit allows her to stop heavy rushes, other Sentinels are much better at gaining information and have more to offer.

Deadlock wasn’t picked a single time in Champions 2023, and there was a clear reason for that: Killjoy and Cypher are just much better alternatives. Here are a few reasons that hold Deadlock back in the meta:

  • The Sonic Sensors (Q), while good for stopping rushes, do not work well to hold flanks and gather information on the map
  • Deadlock’s ultimate ability targets a single enemy and can be ineffective if the opponent’s teammates are around
  • Her Gravnet (C) can slow down enemies but requires very situational uses as it cannot be deployed like a Cypher cage

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Valorant Sentinels: Best to Worst
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