How To Counter all Initiator Agents in Valorant

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How To Counter all Initiator Agents in Valorant

You don’t know how to counter all Initiator agents in Valorant? Fear not because we have the answers for you.

After learning how to deal with the Duelist Agents in Valorant, the next important thing to focus on is the Initiators. The latter are known as the supportive class of agents and have a very important role in the game. Usually, they have abilities that allow them to be very effective at providing information or preventing the enemy team from doing something. So, once you check the best Valorant Initiators, let’s learn what you can do when you have to play against them.

How to Counter Fade

How To Counter all Initiator Agents in Valorant

Like all other initiators, Fade provides a lot of utility to her team. Therefore, one of the things you can do against her is not stay in close corners because you will be an easy target. If you decide to stay in such places, one thing you can do is to ask a teammate to bait and break the utility. 

Of course, Fade’s reveal is one of the abilities that you definitely need to deal with because it literally takes one shot to bring it down. Needless to say, the hero gets tons of value from it, so you need to shut it down as soon as possible. This sounds self-explanatory, but we’ve seen loads of players who have no idea about it and do not know how to deal with her.

How to Counter KAY/O

If you are wondering which is one of the most popular Valorant Initiator agents, it has to be KAY/O. The fact that he has the ability to surprise enemies all the time makes him incredibly strong and one of the Valorant agents that you definitely need to know how to play against.

Due to the fact that this agent has it all, one of the things you should focus on is avoiding his utility. This sounds easier said than done, and it is, but once you play against enough KAY/O players, you will see that most of them make the same mistakes.

A lot of players want to know how to counter all Initiator agents in Valorant just because they are fed up with KAY/O. Sadly, players who know how to play with him will provide the team with a significant advantage. If you are playing against such a player, try to stay away from his radius. In terms of playing versus his flash, you have to try to dodge it, which is not that difficult on most maps. 

The agent’s ult is also really strong, so when he pops it, it is probably better to go back and try to retake a certain area of the map. We have a separate guide about how to retake Valorant, so check some of the specifics you need to know. Keep in mind that KAY/O has one of the strongest ultimates in Valorant.

How to Counter Sova

Another of the Initiator Agents worth mentioning is Sova. The latter is a well-rounded initiator that deals a lot of damage. That said, the thing that makes this Valorant agent so dangerous is the information that it can provide. Therefore, it is extremely important to try to minimize that.

The easiest way to do that is by breaking the drone and dart as soon as you see them out. Keep in mind you might be in a situation where you do not need to kill them right away, especially if you are in a location where you are hiding from them. However, this rarely happens, so it is better to play it safe.

Remember that information is key, so once you deny Sova’s ability to give that information to the team, you will have a much higher chance of winning the game. 

How to Counter Skye

How To Counter all Initiator Agents in Valorant

If you want to know how to counter all Initiators in Valorant, one name we need to talk about is Skye. Once again, we need to talk about reducing the agent’s effectiveness, which means that you need to destroy her abilities. Of course, you should do that when you are in safe position, which means that her team should not be pushing at the same time because you will be in trouble. There are many cases where you need to play retake when she is in the game, so don’t be surprised.

Even though we are not fans of playing passively, there are cases against Skye where this is a good idea. Besides staying alive for longer, doing this will give you more time to react against her abilities. 

Another thing that usually works against this agent is flanking. That said, you should only do this if your agent allows you or if you have someone on your team who is good at it. Jett is a good example of a Valorant agent that can flank pretty well against Skye. After all, the latter is great for setting up her allies for an attack, meaning they won’t pay that much attention to flankers.

How to Counter Breach

How To Counter all Initiator Agents in Valorant

The last of the Initiator Agents in Valorant we need to talk about is Breach. He used to be one of the strongest agents in Valorant, and even though this is not true now, he is a pretty solid option. 

When talking about countering Breach, the first thing to know is that you have to try to avoid his flashes. People who are playing Counter-Strike 2 and are good at it will have no problems, but even if you don’t play this game, you just need to be able to turn around when you see the flash coming.

Another thing you need to know when reading about how to counter Breach is not to close close angles. His utility is just too strong, so when you are staying close, you will most likely die really fast. Some people try countering this by having good crosshair placement, but this rarely works.

Breach’s ultimate is also very strong, so once you hear he popped it, it is probably best to run and wait until it is over. If you manage to avoid it, you will have a significant advantage in the fight that will take place after. It is also worth knowing that you should not stay with your allies when you are against the ult. Doing this means you will all be affected by it, which is not what you want.

Final Thoughts.

Learning how to counter all initiator Agents in Valorant is not easy because this is one of the most important roles in the game. The things we’ve included here will show you some of the basic rules you must follow. However, there are a lot of other things you must keep in mind, so start playing if you want to improve faster.

How To Counter all Initiator Agents in Valorant
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