How to Counter all Duelist Agents in Valorant

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How to Counter all Duelist Agents in Valorant

Learning how to counter all duelist agents in Valorant is tricky. However, we have a few tips that will come in handy.

Knowing how to counter duelists in Valorant is incredibly important because this is one of the most common roles in the game. These agents are usually characterized by doing a lot of damage and having tons of mobility, so you need to know what to expect and how to deal with them.

After revealing some of the best duelist agents on every map it is time to look and see how we can counter them. We will try to show you some of the key things you can do against each duelist, but keep in mind that what you are about to read are just some of the things that you can do.

How to counter Yoru?

The first Valorant agent we want to talk about regarding the Duelists is Yoru. He may not be the most popular pick, but the agent is good in many situations because he is consistent. Normally, Yoru players try to use their flash and then teleport aggressively so they can secure kills. If you know that this is coming, simply put your crosshair in the position where he will TP and start spraying. If you time this right, you can secure an easy kill.

That said, you need to be careful when he has his ult, especially if you are low on ammo. Yori is a Valorant Duelist that can easily punish every mistake.

How to counter Phoenix

The next name in our how to counter all Duelist Agents in Valorant is Phoenix. Her flashes are effective, but you can actually turn your back against them pretty easily. In fact, this is probably the Valorant Duelist agent that is the easiest to counter because once you dodge the flash, Phoenix becomes a relatively easy target.

With that said, Phoenix’s ultimate is good, so if you have to play against it, you need to know what you are doing. Our experience helped us realize that it is good to go up against it as a team. Also, it is not advisable to gold open spaces against it because this Agent can flash and kill you pretty fast. 

How to counter Raze?

How to Counter all Duelist Agents in Valorant
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Raze is by far one of the most popular Valorant Duelists, and for a good reason. The agent is aggressive and can do a lot of damage, so learning how to stop it is paramount.

After playing against her tons of times, we think that one of the best things is to try to reduce the effect of the Boombot. You should try to pressure it or kill it right away because if you do not do it, your ally will be revealed.

When talking about how to counter this Duelist, you should also try to force her to use the Paint Shells. Once that happens, you should be able to kill the duelist much easier. 

How to counter Reyna 

How to Counter all Duelist Agents in Valorant

One of the most popular Valorant Duelists a few years ago continues to be a solid pick even today. Reyna is a hero that you can deal with if you learn how to spray when she flashes. This makes her similar to Yoru.

However, something to remember is that good Reyna players will use their first flash as a way to set up the second one. In other words, you need to position in a way that will allow you to expect the incoming attack and survive it.

Also, Reyna is one of those duelists in Valorant that you should try to avoid finding yourself in a 1v1 situation with. She is solid in those scenarios, so it is better to ask for help or assist your teammate if he is already on her.

How to counter Jett 

Saying that Jett is the most popular duelist in Valorant is not an understatement. This is one of those agents that has been a key part of the game ever since she became available. Today, you can find her in almost any match, which is why knowing how to counter Jett is really important.

Shutting down Jett is not an easy thing to do. However, if you have to start somewhere, we suggest focusing on her Dash. Forcing Jett to waste her Dash is one of the best things that you can do, and you should be able to kill her much easier after that. Baiting some of the lower-rated Valorant players should not be difficult, but Jett players who know what they are doing are really hard to play against. 

There are many things you can do to bait her Dash. For example, some people try to play more defensively and force her to use this ability offensively. You can also do AoE damage, try to be super aggressive, and loads of other things.

Speaking of countering Jett or any other Valorant Duelist, you need to be able to track her cooldowns. Once Dash is on cooldown, you should be more aggressive because landing a kill should be much easier than before. 

How to counter Neon

Despite not being the most popular Valorant Duelists, Neon is a powerful agent that you need to know how to deal with. That’s why we’ve decided to add some information in this how to counter all Duelist Agents in Valorant article.

When talking about Neon, many people decide to get KAY/O, a pretty good agent against her. However, he is not the most popular initiator right now, so it is something you should focus on only if you are really good at him.

Another thing that can work against Neon Valorant is Chamber. His wide range of traps works really well against this Agent because they will slow her down, allowing his team to land an easy kill. 

Of course, Cypher is also good, especially if you know how to place your tripwire properly. As for other agents, the same rules mentioned in the clash against Jett also apply here. Try to force this agent’s cooldowns and then land an easy kill.

How to counter Iso

How to Counter all Duelist Agents in Valorant

At the time of writing, Iso is the newest Valorant Duelist because he was added in patch 7.09. Needless to say, the Agent quickly became one of the fan-favorites, and for a good reason. Iso is incredibly strong and can carry his team, but it does not mean that he is not undefeatable. 

When talking about Iso in Valorant, one of the first things that comes to mind is his annoying ultimate (Kill Contract). Since enemies trapped inside it will be forced to deal with ISO in another realm, you can try picking Yoru and using the clone to avoid the ultimate. If that happens, Iso’s ultimate will be useless because he will not get any value from it.

That said, Iso is a very strong duelist and an Agent that you need to be careful with. The general tips regarding keeping an eye on his ability usage and cooldowns definitely apply here. Always keep an eye on your opponents if you want to be at least one step ahead of them.

How to Counter all Duelist Agents in Valorant
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