Best Duelist Agents On Every Valorant Map in 2024

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Best Duelist Agents On Every Valorant Map in 2024

Check out the best duelist agents for each Valorant map that you should consider trying in 2024

We've all experienced having instalock duelists on our team who, unfortunately, turn out to be comically awful. However, we can't deny that duelists are what is most fun about Valorant, and everyone is at least a little tempted to lock them in every game. Currently, with the introduction of ISO, Valorant has 7 duelists in the roster, the highest among the four roles.

Valorant has come a long way since the early days when running a 3-duelist comp was meta. In most maps, the current meta leans towards playing with just one duelist, although there are exceptions where a double duelist comp remains not only feasible but preferable. If you need help deciding which duelist to choose for a particular map, check out this guide on the best duelist agent for each Valorant map.

Best Duelist Agents on Ascent – Jett and Phoenix

Jett was the first choice of duelist among the Valorant community when Ascent was first introduced in Act 1. Three and a half years later, the Korean speedster is still the undisputed pick for the duelist spot. Interestingly, other than Phoenix, none of the other duelists have managed to break into the meta during this period.

Along with how easy it is to use the Operator with Jett on this map, the very design of the map perfectly fits Jett’s abilities. Whether utilizing the Updraft to reach off-angles or creating openings for her team with the Dash, Jett possesses all the qualities you would desire from a duelist on Ascent.

Best Duelist Agent on Lotus – Raze

While most of the initial maps used to favor Jett, the newer Valorant maps are suitable for Raze, with Lotus being a prime example. This map is compact and features numerous choke points, making it an ideal map for Raze players to fully leverage their toolkit.

If we talk numbers, Raze is the undisputed top pick of the pro players on this map. During the Valorant Champions 2023, Raze had a pick rate of 100% on this map. This should give you an idea of how indispensable Raze is to the agent composition on Lotus.

As to why Raze is a widely popular agent pick on Lotus, like we previously stated, a map filled with as many chokes as Lotus perfectly plays into the Raze players’ hand. For instance, using her Nade allows the defending team to control the entire A-lobby. Additionally, the compact layout of all three sites makes entry with the satchel highly effective.

Best Duelist Agent on Split – Raze and Jett

Split is the only map where we see a double duelist comp more often than a single duelist one. In all the major events from 2023, Raze had a near 100% pick rate, while Jett was by far the 2nd most popular duelist of choice. In a map like Split, which is heavily defense-sided, two duelists are crucial to break through the enemies' defenses. With both Raze and Jett being duelist agents with movement abilities, powering through the defensive lines becomes much more manageable.

On the Attack side, Raze usually takes the role of the primary duelist as satcheling into the two sites of Split provides a more efficient entry than Jett's dashing ability. Although Jett takes a backseat on Attack, when it comes to defense, she assumes the role of the duelist with the most responsibility, tasked with bagging the ever-important first blood. Nevertheless, if you plan on playing a single duelist comp, we suggest you go for Raze over Jett simply because the effectiveness of Raze’s toolkit on Split far exceeds that of Jett.

Best Duelist Agents on Icebox – Jett

Icebox is another map where a double duelist comp can be tried. The OG Sentinels roster used a rock 2-duelist team composition on Icebox, with Tenz on Reyna and ShahZam on Jett. However, Icebox has evolved over time into more of a one-duelist map. With the recent changes from Patch 8.0, Jett is expected to remain the go-to duelist on this map.

The two icebox sites are entirely different from one another. While the A-site is compact and filled with numerous angles that require checking, the B-site is as open as it gets. Also, the size of the map is quite big. Considering these factors, opting for a single duelist is recommended to avoid sacrificing the toolkit of an Initiator, which can be highly effective in a map of such size and design.

Given how overpowered Operator is on Icebox, picking Jett is a no-brainer here. The last event where Icebox was in the map pool was VCT LOCK//IN, and Jett, like we said, was the overwhelming favorite of the teams.

Best Duelist Agent on Bind – Raze and Yoru

Like Split, Raze thrives on Bind due to its close corners and fast-paced playstyle. Raze brings to Bind a unique set of plays that are exclusive to her. For example, in Defense, you can play near A-short and hinder the enemy rush into the hookah by throwing your Boom-bot and Paint-shells through the Teleport. Moreover, the effectiveness of Raze’s satchels for tearing through the enemy defense goes without saying.

Another agent that proves valuable on Bind is Yoru. Given the deceptive nature of Yoru's decoys and fake teleports, players can make most of these utilities on Bind, a map with two Teleports. An expert Yoru player can create significant problems for the enemy team. For guidance on playing Yoru effectively on Bind, check out our guide.

Best Duelist Agents on Breeze – Jett and Reyna

When Breeze returned to the map rotation with several changes, there were expectations of a shift in the meta regarding which agents to play on this map. However, five months into its reintroduction, there haven't been any notable changes. Players still opt for Jett or Reyna, much like they did before the map's changes. It's worth noting that there has barely been any official event since Breeze's reintroduction, which could be a reason for the lack of changes when it comes to the ideal team composition.

Breeze is the largest map in Valorant, offering more opportunities for long-range fights than any other map in the game. As a result, it is considered to be an aimer’s map through and through. Any map where aiming is the foremost priority provides an excellent opportunity for Jett and Reyna to shine. Playing Jett- with her ability to exploit sniper rifles and Reyna, with her kill and evade utils- can be extremely rewarding on Breeze.

Best Duelist Agent on Sunset – Raze and Jett

The newest Valorant map made its debut in a pro match during the Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023, and it appears to be yet another map where Raze excels. Although Raze maintains a near 100% pick rate in pro matches, we believe that Jett can still be a solid pick on this map in ranked games.

There are plenty of reasons why Raze is preferred on this map. In addition to the standard factors, such as the map's small size and abundance of close corners, a significant advantage is Raze's ability to counter Cypher. Cypher, with the new buffs, is broken in Sunset, making it crucial to have a Raze on the team to counter him effectively.

For extensive guides on Valorant agent composition, check our site ESTNN.

Best Duelist Agents On Every Valorant Map in 2024
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