Highest Picked Valorant Agents at Champions 2023

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Highest Picked Valorant Agents at Champions 2023

These are the highest-picked Valorant Agents from every category at Champions 2023 

This year's Champions is almost near its end, and we can already assess the most picked Agents of Valorant by the best teams in the world. According to the analytics by Rib.gg, some specific Agents are clearly getting more attention in Initiator, Duelist, Controller and Sentinel categories. However, we are also seeing some of the least-seen Duelists in pro play thanks to unique compositions by DRX and Paper Rex. Here are the most picked Agents we have seen in Valorant Champions 2023 so far. 

Killjoy – Highest Picked Sentinel Agent at Champions 2023


Credit: Riot Games

Total Picks: 88

Win Rate: 50%

Killjoy is the most picked Sentinel by a landslide, as the next most used Agent of this category is Cypher, who has only been played in 13 maps so far. On the other hand, the newest Sentinel Deadlock has not been used at all – and while it could be because the teams have likely not used her in their compositions yet, it’s most probably due to Deadlock proving to be weaker compared to other Sentinels. 

Coming back to Killjoy, this Sentinel is the most sought-after because of her ultimate ability, which, when you compare it to Cypher, is way more powerful. At the Champions, we have seen Killjoy mostly used in maps like Ascent, Lotus, Pearl, Haven and Fracture. 

Viper – Highest Picked Controller Agent at Champions 2023

Best Viper One-Way Smokes on Pearl Defense

Credit: Riot Games

Total Picks: 78

Win Rate: 45%

With most Champions teams using the double-smoke meta that’s been going on, we see Viper on most maps as the primary Controller. This Agent once used to be the least picked among all others with smoke abilities, and now she has become the strongest one. Next in line in this Agent category is Omen, who has been picked 60 times so far. 

Viper has been the bread and butter of many maps. Lotus is a great example where this Agent plays the primary smokes role alongside a secondary Controller like Omen or Astra. Her wall gives the attackers better angles to take A main control of the map. Moreover, this queen of toxins still reigns on Bind, a map where her use was popularized by Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin last year.

Raze – Highest Picked Duelist Agent at Champions 2023


Credit: Riot Games

Total Picks: 75

Win Rate: 51%

While many would expect Jett to be the most-used Duelist at the Champions, the title goes to Raze. Even the classic Jett players like LOUD’s Erick “aspas” Santos and Fnatic’s Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev have been using her on maps like Lotus, Bind and Split. However, Jett is still a close second, with 73 overall picks so far, and besides these two, the other Duelists have barely been used at the event. 

On Bind, Raze has been predominantly used as the only Duelist. The Brazilian character gets accompanied by Jett on places like Split, as we have seen from teams like EDward Gaming. However, this Agent has found her best place on Valorant’s newest map Lotus, where she has played the role of the primary entry for all teams. 

Skye – Highest Picked Initiator Agent at Champions 2023


Credit: Riot Games

Total Picks: 75

Win Rate: 51%

When we are talking about the most used Initiators at the Champions, there is a clear winner. Skye has been picked over Sova and Breach more than two times at this event. More specifically, Skye was used in 75 maps, while Sova was picked only 34 times. Skye’s domination in the Agent pool of the Champions is similar to Masters Tokyo, except Breach was used way more than Sova. 

This does not come as a huge surprise, however, as Skye’s kit not only offers information but also helps with entry through her flashes. On maps like Bind, Split and Pearl, Skye has been heavily preferred by the professional teams of the event. On the other hand, Sova is still the bread and butter of Haven, and Ascent is still seeing the best outcomes from KAY/O. Lastly, Fade seems to be primarily used for Lotus. 

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Highest Picked Valorant Agents at Champions 2023
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