Valorant Economy Guide – When & What To Buy (Tips)

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Valorant Economy Guide – When & What To Buy (Tips)

This Valorant economy guide will reveal all the details about the economy in this amazing game. Learn when and what to buy.

Valorant is a very complex game that requires you to know a lot of things to be successful. Before you can compete at the VCT 2023 Game Changers Championship or play with the best, you need to know what you are doing. After learning how to attack in Valorant, the next important thing you should read is this Valorant economy guide. In it, we will discuss everything you should know about the game’s economy, how it works, what to do and more.

Valorant Economy Guide – Basics

Valorant Economy Guide

Before taking a look at the Valorant Economy Wiki, you should know a few important things. In order to make money in Valorant, you need to win rounds, get kills, and more. Securing a kill will give you +200 credits, whereas planting the Spike will result in +300 credits. Of course, the big reward is winning the round, which will grant you +3000. Losing one round will result in +1900 credits, your second loss will give you +2400, whereas losing 3 or more rounds will grant you +2900.

Of course, when talking about the Valorant Economy calculator, there are exceptions. Like in Counter-Strike 2, if you manage to stay alive and you lose without planting the Spike, you will only get 1000 credits. The same applies if you stay alive when defending and the Spike explodes.

Before sharing more in this Valorant economy guide, knowing a few key terms is important. The first one is “Full Buy”, and it is used when you can afford to get at least a Phantom or a Vandal, armor, and abilities. There are also “save” and “eco” rounds, whose goal is to try and accumulate funds for the next round. Unlike in other games, you can check the minimum amount of credits you can get for the next round, which is great because you can predict what you’ll get.

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The last important term is a Force Buy, and it does exactly what you think. Here, you buy something you normally can’t afford and expect to catch your opponents off guard.

Valorant Economy Tips – Rounds

Valorant Economy Guide
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Now that you know the basics of the economy, it is time to share a few things about the rounds. Generally speaking, most people buy a gun in the first round, as well as ability. However, there are some instances where it is better to get armor because it can save you from dying. Speaking of weapons, you can check our Valorant Weapon Guide.

Whether you will go for a Ghost or armor + ability is up to you to decide, and it depends on what you are playing against. There are cases where it is better to get the armor because you will be way harder to die. In terms of abilities, you should always get things that are crucial for your team. This Valorant economy guide does not recommend sacrificing this thing just to get a better gun.

Following the first round, you must do different things, depending on whether you win or lose. Most Valorant economy tips will recommend investing if you win because you should be able to win the second round.

After winning the first two rounds, you will go into the so-called “bonus round”, which is Round 3. This Valorant economy guide suggests keeping your guns from the second one so you can save credits for the next one. Doing this will allow you to have enough credits for the next round.

Losing the First Round

Unfortunately, you can’t always win the first round, so you must check the Valorant weapons tier list and know what to get. If that happens, it is probably best to save everything you got and just focus on Round 3. Doing this will allow you to have a full buy and an actual chance of winning the round.

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If you, however, decide to surprise your opponents, you can buy some guns and abilities, but this is risky. Losing this round will make the next ones challenging, so always have a backup plan. 

After the first three rounds

There are not that many things to do after the first rounds are over, which means that you either have money for a full buy or you can only afford a half buy. The Valorant economy guide does not recommend using a full eco because you are just going to give your opponents a free round. Of course, it all depends on your teammates and your opponents. The important thing to remember is to check the amount of credits you will have for the next round.

Other important details

Valorant Economy Guide

After discussing the Valorant economy calculator and the basic things you need to know, there are a few other aspects we have to talk about. The first one is the important details regarding armor because the full one comes at 1000 credits, whereas the half is worth only 400.

Even though having full armor is preferable, there are situations where even half armor can work. For example, if all of your opponents are using Vandals, which is the most popular gun, it deals 160 damage if it lands a headshot. So, even if you get the additional 50 HP from the full armor, you won’t be able to survive a headshot. What’s more, the same gun deals around 40 damage with a body shot, meaning that you will die in 4 hits regardless if you have full or half armor. The only exception here is when you do not have any armor at all because this is when you will die in 3 shots.

This does not mean that full armor is not good. You are way better against nades, wall bangs, and many other things. Always think carefully about what you are playing and we hope that this Valorant economy guide has helped you learn a thing or two about the game.

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