Valorant Weapon Guide – Complete List with Tips

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Valorant Weapon Guide – Complete List with Tips

Here is everything you need to know about Valorant weapons

There are 18 weapons in Valorant for the primary game modes, each with its unique quality and look. If you are new to the game, it’s essential to understand the intricacies of the arsenal available in this FPS to be a better player.

In this guide, we will talk briefly about each Valorant weapon, explaining their use. You will also find some tips to make the best plays with your guns and how different Agents can take advantage of specific weapons. Let’s get started –

Valorant Weapons: Sidearms

Sidearms are your secondary weapons that go into slot #2. These weapons are used in pistol rounds, eco-buys, and when your primary gun runs out of bullets.


Valorant Weapon Guide – Complete List with Tips

Classic is the free sidearm you spawn with. It has two fire modes with 12 bullets in the magazine.

With this weapon, you can kill enemies in close range with 2 headshots, and it requires one more bullet to the skull to finish off an opponent that’s far away. Let’s discuss both fire modes of this weapon:

  • Primary Fire: The primary fire mode of classic shoots one bullet when you left-click. You would want to use this fire mode in most situations.
  • Alternative Fire: Right-clicking Classic shoots a burst of three bullets that can do significant damage in close quarters. Use this fire mode when an enemy is right up your face.



Shorty is a great secondary weapon for short-range encounters, and it is often used by OPers.

Costing 300 credits, this is a mini-shotgun that can be highly powerful if you are able to close the distance. As a result, it’s highly useful in the hands of Jett and Raze players.



Unlike other pistols that are semi-automatic, Frenzy has an auto-fire mode, making it suitable for getting quick kills.

While it excels in short-range fights, you will not find it as useful in fighting far-away enemies.

Moreover, its high fire rate means you will quickly run out of bullets and will have to reload for the next fight, which is not ideal when the enemies are pushing you together.



Ghost is one of the most used weapons in pistol rounds. You are likely to get a kill through one headshot with this gun if the opponent does not have shields.

There are no visible tracers from Ghost, which makes this an ideal firearm to spam smokes. You will likely prefer this gun in the pistol rounds if you need to buy abilities alongside a weapon.



The scariest pistol that can even turn eco rounds to your favor – Sheriff is an excellent choice when you do not have any money to buy a Vandal or Phantom in gun rounds.

This sidearm with 6 bullets in its chamber rewards precision of aim, as you can kill anyone with a headshot within 30 meters, even if they are equipped with heavy shields. In long-range, Sheriff does 145 damage.

Valorant Weapons: SMGs



The 20 bullets in Stinger’s magazine quickly disperse as you press fire since this weapon has a higher fire rate compared to Spectre. Therefore, it is a killer weapon in close combat, sometimes even defying the rifles of Valorant.

It has a burst mode of fire when you use the ADS by right-clicking. The intense fire rate can also be its downfall, as you will often find yourself reloading the weapon in the middle of a fight.



Spectre is an ideal weapon to wield after winning your pistol rounds, and with excellent aim, it can also defy Phantoms and Vandals through good positioning.

You have high mobility with Spectre in your hand, and its spread is not too punishing while moving. Therefore, in close-quarter engagements, you can move and shoot this weapon to make it hard for your opponents to kill you.

Valorant Weapons: Shotguns



The semi-automatic shotgun may not be as powerful as Judge, but its cheap cost makes it an ideal choice when you don’t have enough credits to spend.

Bucky has two fire modes for different distances, but most players are using its primary fire mode since its alt-fire got nerfed. Hold tight corners with Bucky to get easy kills.



The most expensive shotgun in the game is also the most powerful one, as Judge can pierce through enemies in short range due to having an automatic fire mode.

With shotguns like the Judge and Bucky, you would want to aim at the chest of your opponents as that will ensure that you will get the highest number of pallets to do damage.

Valorant Weapons: Rifles



Cheap but effective, Bulldog is an underrated rifle that can be your friend when you are only a few hundred credits short of purchasing a Vandal or Phantom.

This weapon has an automatic and burst fire mode and requires you to hit two headshots to down enemies with shields.

Use the primary fire mode in short to medium range and switch to burst fire to eliminate distant enemies.



The semi-automatic rifle comes with high wall penetration and damage, and it becomes deadly if you can land shots with it.

Guardian is an excellent choice when you are a few hundred short of a Phantom or Vandal, and make sure to use this gun to shoot through the thickest wall. Its low fire rate is its only disadvantage.



One of the two most used rifles in Valorant – Phantom comes with more bullets than Vandal and does not have any tracers. Therefore, this is an excellent weapon to shoot through smoke.

A high fire rate and easier recoil pattern make it a good spraying weapon. Therefore, if Vandal is not your strong suit, you will want to use this rifle. The only downside of Phantom is its damage fall-off in long-range combats.



The most-used rifle in the game can kill with a single headshot from any range. To make it balanced, it has a lower bullet count and fire rate and a recoil that’s harder to control than Phantom.

As a result, it’s better to kill enemies with burst shots in long-range with Vandal.

Valorant Weapons: Sniper Rifle



The cheapest sniper in the game does 101 to the body and 202 to the head. Moreover, its high fire rate and no-scope accuracy make it a scary weapon against ecos and even rifles.

If you are playing Jett or Chamber, having this weapon in your hand can turn eco rounds in your favor, as even if you don’t kill someone in the first shot, you get a second chance.



Heavy, expensive, and deadly – the Operator kills anyone with a body shot. It has a high scope in time and a low fire rate, which is why it is best equipped by Agents like Jett and Chamber, who can run away from unfavorable fights.

Buying an Operator is a considerable investment, and that’s why you need to weigh the odds of winning a fight before getting this weapon.

Machine Guns



The weakest machine gun is also the cheapest in its category. With a high wall penetration, Ares is excellent for shooting through walls. However, going against Phantom and Vandal users with this weapon is likely going to cause death unless your enemy is terrible at aiming.



With 100 bullets in its magazine and a high wall penetration, you will often see Sova players wielding this heavy weapon to shoot through walls with the help of their recon ability.

Odin is excellent for spamming areas and killing enemies through thick walls, but it takes two headshots to kill an enemy in any range.

Even the best weapon will not reward you with kills if you have poor aim. Check out our aim guide to increase your headshot in Valorant.

Valorant Weapon Guide – Complete List with Tips
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