5 Essential Things You Should Do When Attacking in Valorant

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5 Essential Things You Should Do When Attacking in Valorant

Here are the 55 Essential Things You Should Do When Attacking in Valorant. Learn how to win your encounters.

Attacking in any team-based game (especially FPS) is easier said than done, and Valorant is definitely not an exception. This title is much more complex than it seems, so players need to know what to do to succeed. Entering a site is not easy because numerous things can go wrong. Thankfully, you can avoid some of the most common mistakes by following a few tips.

5 Essential Things You Should Do When Attacking in Valorant

Attacking in Valorant

The easiest way of learning how to attack and what to do in Valorant is by playing as much as possible. However, since not all Valorant players have free time, this guide will include Valorant attacking strategies you can follow when attacking that will allow you to be more successful. 

Have good crosshair placement, movement, and mechanics

Valorant attacking strategies
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The first tip related to attacking in Valorant consists of several things you should try to improve daily. Regardless of what we tell you, the only way to be successful in Valorant is if you have good crosshair placement, movement, and overall mechanics. This means you will have to play a lot. 

Learning how to aim and move around the map are fundamental skills you must have to succeed. Valorant is a unique game in many aspects, and movement here is arguably more important than in titles like Overwatch 2. So, try practicing as much as possible because this will allow you to be more successful when attacking. Once you get better than the rest in your rank, you can use your advantage to capitalize on your opponent’s bad positioning and lack of aiming skills. 

While practicing, you should also check the 5 things you are doing wrong in Valorant to avoid common mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but once you know how to avoid some of them, you can use this to your advantage and improve much faster.

Always check every corner when you are attacking

A very common mistake that people make when attacking in Valorant is related to not checking the corners. This is definitely one of the essential things you need to remember to do, regardless of the map. Failing to check all corners could result in dying from behind, which is one of the worst things that can happen when pushing.

You should check it for yourself before assuming that the site is clear. The only exception here is when you are playing with teammates that you can trust.

Learn how to attack properly

Besides having the needed skills and checking the specific corners, you should know several other important things when attacking in Valorant. One is to learn how to do that properly when playing in a team.

There are different types of attacks you can go for, such as the classic 5-man rushes. Those things can seem chaotic, but it has proven over time that you can take the point and rip through the defenders. Knowing the order for players that go in when doing a 5-man rush is extremely important if you want to be successful.

Usually, the push starts with an Initiator because this person can expose a given defender’s position. After that, ideally, you should have control over who has to smoke so that your team or you can push after that. The idea is to throw all utilities to overwhelm the defenders and take the sight.

Aside from 5-man rushing, another way of attacking in Valorant is the classic 3-2. The idea here is to pressure the enemy’s defenders from multiple sites, making their job much harder. Of course, you can only succeed when attacking in Valorant using the 3/2 split is only if you communicate with your team.

Lastly, you can use the default setup, which consists of spreading out. This is a standard option, but people need to know what they are doing to be successful. Usually, the goal here is to get information so you can gather after that and push together.

Using the Spike

attacking in Valorant
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Like the bomb in Counter-Strike 2, knowing how to use the Spike in Valorant is incredibly important, and it is a part of knowing how to attack. The first essential thing about it is its positioning because placing it in the wrong area can make a big difference. After planting, The Spike’s location will determine where you position.

Placing the Spike close to boxes and other objects will require you and your team to place it close to it so you can defend. However, doing this in other locations will allow you more space and “guard” it from a distance. Both things can work, but it depends on the setup you have and the Valorant attacking strategies you are using.

In terms of how to plant the Spike, there are many things you should keep in mind here. First, you should always do it when you know someone from your team is watching your back. If that’s not possible, try baiting your opponents’ utilities so you can safely plant it.

If you are not the one planting the bomb when attacking in Valorant, your job will be to make sure the person who does it gets the job done. So, look at all angles and do not drop your guard.

Eco rounds when attacking

Besides attacking in Valorant when you are leading, you will also need to do that when you are on eco. To be fair, the ideal situation here is to try and score as many kills as you can without dying. This is often easier said than done, but people whose aim is good should be able to succeed. 

When discussing Valorant attacking strategies and eco rounds, you must be extra careful when the defending team is on one. It is not advisable to take solo pushes if your opponents are eco because they will be hiding in places that allow them to land an easily kill.

5 Essential Things You Should Do When Attacking in Valorant
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