5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Valorant

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5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Valorant

Here are 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Valorant. Let’s learn how to make the most while playing.

Valorant is one of those games where everything you do makes a difference. It is a fast-paced shooter that requires a solid understanding of the game to succeed. We have already covered some of the Valorant tips to help you win, but a lot of players are new to the game and make costly mistakes. Therefore, it is time to pay special attention to the 5 things you are doing wrong in Valorant and see how they can change the way you play.

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Valorant

Although we can add more than 20 different things that Valorant players are not doing right, some of them are more important. That’s why this article will only focus on 5 options.

Not Learning about Angle Isolation

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Valorant

Regardless if you are playing Counter-Strike 2, Call of Duty, or even Overwatch 2, one of the things you must learn is how to peek. The latter is a term used to describe the way you come out of a corner, and it has a massive effect on your success rate. Learning how to peek is an essential Valorant skill you must master to be successful, and one of the things you should do is learn more about angle isolation.

When peeking, experienced Radiant players will try to check every possible angle before “showing themselves”. This is done by counter-strafing, which is a very important technique you need to be familiar with. This is definitely one of the 5 things you are not doing right in Valorant because it is something most players learn later in the game.

Once you learn how to peek from every angle, you can catch your opponents off guard and use it against them. This technique is not that hard to master, but you will need some time getting used to it. Keep in mind that you can be way more efficient if you know everything about the map you are playing on.

A lot of Valorant players are not aware of what’s going on

When discussing things you are not doing right in Valorant, we need to talk about general awareness. Valorant is a complex game where you have to take tons of things into account. It is a mixture of Overwatch 2 and CS2 in this regard because you have abilities and economy. In other words, you need to think of your enemies, their positioning, abilities, and economic state. 

Knowing this information gives you a competitive advantage because you will be able to adjust your playstyle accordingly. For example, you won’t rush a given site knowing your opponent is fully armed and has the means to take you down. However, you can definitely do that if you know your opponents don’t have the cash to get anything.

Not paying attention to the small map details

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Valorant
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Like all other games, Valorant has different maps you can choose from. Some are larger than others and offer more things, whereas others are smaller and easier to master. Regardless of what you are playing on, it is highly recommended to pay more attention to all the details on the given map. Many Valorant players making their first steps in the game are not familiar with everything on the map, which is why they do not know what to expect.

Exploring the map and knowing every possible angle will give Valorant players a huge competitive advantage. This process is not hard because it just takes time, but it is well worth it in the long run. You don’t even need to play against other people because the map exploring can work even in a custom game. While exploring, you can also practice different techniques and movements you can use once you're playing against others.

Check if your opponents are using the same strategy and try to counter it

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Valorant
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One of the things that you are not doing right in Valorant is not paying close attention to your opponent’s tactics. A lot of Valorant players and teams use the same starts over and over again, which is good for you as long as you know how to adapt it.

Pay attention to what your enemies are doing, and if you notice they are doing it every round, do something that counters them. This is a simple step that can be very effective as long as you know how to deny them.

Speaking of denying a certain strategy or push, this will be possible when you gain more experience in Valorant and know more about the ults, economy, and other important aspects of the game. For example, if you know that the enemy team is on an eco, there is a good dance they may push together. This means you should take a position that will be able to deal with these pushes.

Not watching players who are better than you

Like in every other competitive game, Valorant has a lot of professional players whose level is way higher than the average Valorant player. Those people are usually way better than the rest, so those who want to improve in this game should focus on watching them.

This can be annoying, and some may even consider it time-wasting. However, if you watch the best Valorant players in action and pay close attention to what they do, you will improve much faster. Besides copying some of the things these players are doing, you will learn everything about the given map and develop new ideas you haven’t thought of before. Nowadays, watching the best Valorant players in action has never been easier, so take advantage of the situation. 

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Valorant
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