Best Controllers On Every Valorant Map (2024)

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Best Controllers On Every Valorant Map (2024)

Are you looking for the best controller on every Valorant map? Let’s learn more about the things that stand out.

Despite not being the most popular role in Valorant, Controllers have a very important role in Riot’s game. Being one of the four roles in the game, their abilities usually focus on assisting their team. This means that they often reduce the enemy’s vision, force them to go to chokepoints, or simply take control of a given area.

There are currently five controllers you can choose from in Valorant:

  • Brimstone
  • Viper
  • Omen
  • Astra
  • Harbor

Each one has unique abilities that make him a better option for certain maps. But which are the best controllers on every Valorant Map in 2024? Well, let’s dive in.

Best Controllers on Bind – Brimstone and Omen

We believe that Brimstone is the best Valorant Control agent you can have  He has good mollies and offers a lot of support potential to your team. Of course, his ultimate is also great for the post-plant scenario, as well as for many other situations. No wonder he is among the most popular picks on this map.

When talking about the best Valorant controllers on Bind, Omen is another pick that is worth mentioning. He is a pretty solid option overall, especially if you analyze the smokes. Players can use them much more easily.

Best Controllers on Split – Omen and Astra

Split is one of those maps where you can often see double duelist comps, but this doesn’t mean a given team does not need a Controller. When talking about the best Controllers on this Valorant map, we think that Omen and Astra are the best. These two powerhouses can easily control all sides of the map. This is especially true for Astra, an agent that is becoming even more popular in Valorant Episode 8 Act 1. Having a good range of smokes is what makes a difference on Split, which is why Ome and Astra are better than Brimstone. 

Viper can also do wonders here, but only in situations where a given team has a second controller. Sadly, this is not that common because most people choose to have double duelists.

Best Controllers on Ascent – Omen and Astra

Since this is one of the oldest Valorant maps out there, people have been focusing on a couple of Valorant agents here – Omen and Astra. Once again, these two agents are really good here because they are very solid solo controllers. These two agents can use their utility across the map, allowing their team to move between the different parts of the map way more efficiently.

As mentioned in the paragraph before for Split, Brim can also be a solid option, but his range is just not that good. You have to be closer to the middle of the map to do something, which is not the case if you go for Omen or Astra.

Best Controllers on Lotus – Omen and Viper

When talking about the best Controllers on every Valorant Map, Lotus has to be one of the most intriguing options. You can pick a lot of good agents here, but we feel like Omen and Viper work the best. 

Viper is usually better when she is alongside a second controller here, but it depends on your skills with the hero. As mentioned before, Omen’s ability to his utilities from a safer distance makes him a great option. Don’t forget that Lotus is a fairly big Valorant map, so you need to be able to smoke from one side to another when needed. This is the reason why Brim is not really worth getting here.

Best Controllers on Icebox – Viper

Like when Icebox was present in Valorant before, we believe Viper is the best Controller you can get here. Her damage output is great, and she is always there when you need her. In fact, we believe that Riot decided to remove the map from the pool just because of Viper’s dominance.

Keep in mind that Icebox is one of those maps where you can find a lot of people who use an Operator. Now that Outlaw is also in the game, we can also expect to see it in action, which also means that Jett will also be very popular. Viper is not the best option against the swift Duelist, but she does a pretty good job overall on this map

Best Controllers on Breeze – Omen

If you want to know more about the best Controllers on every Valorant Map and come across Breeze, you must focus on Omen. Since the mid is a crucial point on the new map, when Omen is attacking, he can smoke between the new and old boxes for early control. He can also smoke the top elevator surface because this will give his team an advantage.

When he is on the defense and focuses on the B side, Omen can TP to elevate his position and smoke the mid side. There are many other things we can talk about that make Omen an excellent pick, but we suggest taking a look at some videos. You can learn about intriguing places where you can TP and smoke, which will make you a lot more effective.

Best Controllers on Sunset – Harbor

Lastly, we have Sunset, one of the most intriguing Valorant maps in the last couple of years. A sunset is an option where people use a wide range of Controllers, including Brimstome, Astra, and Viper. However, after trying out all of them, we believe that Harbor is the best option you can have.

He may not be the most popular Valorant agent right now, but his High Tide allows him to block the mid sight of enemies, and it also regenerates over time. The agent’s ability will also allow you to plant much easier, and you can use his cascade to retake a given site.

Speaking of sites, Harbor’s Ultimate is also great on Sunset because the sites are small, meaning your enemies won’t be able to escape. This allows you to be in control of the situation and win the clash.


These were just some of the best Controllers on every Valorant map in 2024 that we think are worth getting. Of course, this does not mean that others are not worth it because every control is viable in the hands of someone who knows how to use that agent properly. We suggest watching the best Valorant players in action and try to steal a page of their book.

Best Controllers On Every Valorant Map (2024)
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