Valorant Outlaw Guide- How To Dominate With This Gun

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Valorant Outlaw Guide- How To Dominate With This Gun

This Valorant Outlaw guide will reveal how to use the new gun. It is incredibly powerful, so let’s dive in.

The arrival of Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 brought a lot of changes that we’ve already covered in our previous articles. After looking at the Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 Battle Pass, map changes, and some of the basic things about the Outlaw, it’s time for our full guide about the new Valorant Weapon. The Valorant Outlaw gun is special in many ways because it is the first-ever new gun in the game after the launch, so let’s learn more about it.

Valorant Outlaw Guide – Basics

As mentioned, people were eager for the Valorant Outlaw release date because this is the first time a new gun has been added to the game. Many players were speculating that it would not be fun, but after testing it, we think it is amazing. In fact, it is probably one of the best guns you can have right now, so we will show you how to use it and dominate your games.

Valorant Outlaw Stats

The first thing we want to include in this Valorant Outlaw guide is the stats that need to be aware of. This is a sniper rifle that costs 2400 creds to get, and it has high wall penetration. In terms of the fire mode, it is semi-automatic and has 2 magazines. Here are a few important things about the Outlaw gun:

  • Fire Rate – 2.75 rounds/sec
  • Run Speed – 5.4m/sec
  • Equip Speed – 1.25s
  • Reload Speed – 2.3 for 1 bullet, 3.8 for 2
  • Size of Magazine – 2
  • Reserve -10

Something that we need to talk about here is the Valorant Outlaw damage because this is one of the most impressive aspects of this weapon. Despite its cheap price, the gun deals 238 damage to the head and 140 to the body. It also deals 119 to the leg, making it one of the guns in the game with the highest damage.

In terms of the movement speed you have while using the weapon, it is 80%. 

Valorant Outlaw Weapon – Tips

Something we want to point out is that Valorant Outlaw is one of the guns that you can potentially kill 5 people if you land a headshot. Of course, this is easier said than done, so something you should focus on while using this weapon is wall penetration.

Following our tests, it seems like the gun’s wall penetration is strong. In fact, the tests have shown that you can two-shot an enemy through the wall even if you do not land a headshot. So, don’t be surprised if your enemies start bursting you through the wall.

Speaking of bursts, another thing we found intriguing in the Valorant Outlaw guide is the gun’s fire rate. Considering the speed at which it shoots, it seems “broken” in a lot of situations because you can easily two-shot an enemy.

The reload time is something to keep in mind

There are many things about the Valorant Outlaw sniper that makes it one of the best weapons in the game right now. From the cheap price to the insane damage, this gun has it all. However, this doesn’t mean it is perfect because it has one major flaw – the reload time.

The fact that you have to wait close to 4s to reload two bullets is something that you should not underestimate. Sure, the gun is incredibly effective in many situations but while examining our Valorant Outlaw gameplay, there are a lot of scenarios where the slow reload speed was the reason why we died. Things become incredibly dangerous if you do not hit your shots because this means you need to run. Needless to say, enemies who know how to play will take advantage of that and kill you right away.

There is a different sound when the gun is shooting its second bullet

One thing that we’ve released after the Valorant Outlaw release is that Riot decided to add a special sound effect. If you listen closely, you will see that there is a slightly different sound effect when the Outlaw fires its second bullet. The idea here is for your opponent to understand that you are on your second bullet and use it against you by pushing you. As we’ve mentioned, the Valorant Outlaw sniper has a long reload time, so you become an easy target once you are out of ammo.

Bottom Line – Is the Outlaw Worth It?

Valorant Outlaw Guide- How To Dominate With This Gun

Yes, the Outlaw is worth it, but it depends on what kind of player you are. Many people who read this Valorant Outlaw guide will always get the weapon because they are impressed with the damage output. However, it also has a lot of cons, so unless you can hit your shots, it is probably not the best option.

While it is true that its price is cheap, you can’t one-shot your enemies unless you land a headshot. Therefore, a lot of people will probably still get the Marshal, which is significantly cheaper than the Outlaw and does a respectable amount of damage. 

Speaking of damage, the Operator remains the best sniper rifle in Valorant, but it is also the most expensive one. In the cases where the team needs someone to play a sniper bit the person does not have enough resources to get an Operator, this player is likely going to get the Outlaw.

It will be interesting to see what will happen with this gun in the future once it becomes more popular. We also expect to see some nerfs to its wall penetration because it can easily kill enemies and/or utilities in seconds.

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