Everything You Need to Know About Valorant’s New Gun: Outlaw

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Everything You Need to Know About Valorant’s New Gun: Outlaw

The Outlaw is an interesting gun as it packs a punch while being cheaper than the Operator

Before all the Call of Duty stans go crazy over the fact that an addition of a new gun is breaking news all over the internet, let us make the confusion clear right away – Valorant has not added a new gun since its release. That’s correct, being a tactical FPS shooter it’s not feasible for the developers to add new guns now and then for the long-term sustainability of the game. Due to the complex nature and high skill ceiling of the game, players take ages to reach mastery. Adding guns frequently would unleash chaos.

Yet, after 4 years since its release, we warmly welcome the arsenal’s newest addition, Outlaw. Let’s find out more about it. Outlaw is a sniper rifle that finds its place in between the terror havocing gun on eco rounds we have come to call Marshall and the one-shot kill behemoth Operator in terms of credit costs. This sniper that costs only 2400 credits is gaining widespread curiosity mainly about how it will shape the meta and what value it will bring gameplay-wise.

Outlaw: Features and Functionality

Everything You Need to Know About Valorant's New Gun: Outlaw

Credit: Riot Games

Riot made some interesting design choices while crafting this weapon. It’s up to the player base to decide whether some S-tier skins will grace this weapon into being a favorite in our inventory. But the default version, for now, looks like I would only use it if I have lost all sense of aesthetics and suddenly started liking pizza on a pineapple.

However, let’s not run a fool’s errand by judging a book by its cover. Outlaw’s gameplay feature is interesting and you would be surprised if not enticed to try it at least once in your comp games.

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Unlike the Marshall and Operator which have respectable sizes of mag, this bad boy only showed up with one with the capacity of two bullets. But let’s not disregard it right away, because it will get angry and will only take two shots without descoping in between to take you down.

While the reload after the two shots is long, it’s a perfectly practical choice for players who tend to not rely upon the headshot-demanding Marshall.

Aggressive players utilizing agents with swift manoeuvering abilities will make some interesting plays with this killer weapon. So all the Jett and Chamber mains out there (and those who main other aggressive agents) are highly encouraged to relax because soon you’ll be wreaking havoc all around Valorant.

Did you think that was all? Well, we have to politely prove you wrong. Unlike the Marshall, this bad boy can bang walls. That’s right – like a true Outlaw, this weapon doesn’t fear penetrating walls thin and thick alike. Justice can run away, this weapon only cares about taking the target down.

Outlaw: Will it be A Viable Weapon?

Everything You Need to Know About Valorant's New Gun: Outlaw

Even if it comes at a competitive price of only 2400 in-game currency, one must wonder if it is worth it. With the additional investment of only 500 credits one gets himself the most revered weapon of Valorant – the Vandal. Vandal has a one-shot kill feature and it’s superb at mid to close range. However, perhaps it’s a Happy season for the YouTube Valorant coaches. Now it should be the prime time for them to shed light on specific scenarios where this new baby shines brighter than other available options.

Also, it is interesting to note that the Outlaw can’t simply be defined as a solid middle ground between the Marshall and the Operator, despite what the price communicates. Its exceptional two-tap firing functionality shall make for very specific use cases in the competitive realm, giving it its own place in your chaotic servers.

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Slowly, the community should discover the specific points of different maps where this sniper will establish as a killer choice. Also since we know that Valorant is a game of unpredictability, the addition of this newest weapon surely serves that purpose by availing this option to the ever-picking Vandal players. Hope the player base will see this as an opportunity to add some degree of variability to their gameplay approach.

Moreover, with snipers in Valorant, you either have the money for an Operator or you are stuck with the highly inferior Marshall that has very limited use cases. However, with the addition of Outlaw, players can choose to snipe even in those buy rounds when they don’t necessarily have the buying power of an Operator but still can benefit from using a sniper. All in all, keep an open mind to this gun because possibilities are limitless.

Outlaw: Final Remark

Although the competitive viability of the Outlaw is usually the main consideration for the Valorant community, its appearance as a fun weapon also serves as justification for its existence. Unlike other guns in its class, an Outlaw shot guarantees another one will follow shortly. Its high-caliber slug boom makes an impression as it ripples over the map.

Kills acquired after two consecutive shots feel extremely rewarding and gratifying, and nothing complements a skillfully performed kill like the sound of burning shells shooting out of a barrel. In addition, Riot's expansion of Valorant's arsenal, albeit slow, is very exciting. It may be related to Valve's announcement that they would be adding more weapons to Counter-Strike 2, but the time of this execution raises some eyebrows.

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Everything You Need to Know About Valorant’s New Gun: Outlaw
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