Valorant Stinger Guide – Is This Weapon Worth It?

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Valorant Stinger Guide – Is This Weapon Worth It?

This Valorant Stringer guide will reveal everything about this gun and what you can expect once you start playing.

Have you ever wondered why most Valorant players only use a Vandal or a Phantom? There is no arguing that those two weapons are powerful and probably the best, but there are a few other options that also deserve some attention. That’s why this Valorant Stiger guide will show you everything you should know about this SMG.

Valorant Stringer Guide – Stats 

Like SMG weapons in games like Counter-Strike 2, the Stinger is something that usually excels in close-range encounters. The weapon is characterized by having a 4 bullet burst, which means that you can land some nasty headshots. The gun costs 1100 creds, and it has low wall penetration, which means that it is not ideal for people who like wallbanging.

Other than that, here are a few important things you need to know regarding its stats:

  • Fire Rate – 16 rounds per sec
  • Run Speed – 5.73 m/sec
  • Equip Speed – 0.75 Sec
  • Reload Speed – 2.25 sec
  • Magazine – 20 bullets + 60 reserve

Regarding the damage output, this Valorant Stinger guide shows that it deals 67 damage to the head, 27 to the body, and 22 to the leg from 0-15 meters. The damage drops to 57 to the head for 15-50m, 23 for a body shot, and 19 for a leg shot.

The weapon’s spread is hard to control

One thing that you will notice if you start playing with the Stringer in Valorant is that the weapon’s recoil is really hard to control. Like most SMGs, this one is more effective when you are using it up close because the further you go, the less effective it gets. In other words, this is definitely not something you want to spray with unless your enemies in front of you.

From my personal experience, I found out that bursting is probably the easiest way to land kills. It is definitely not easy because the Valorant Stringer is not as effective as some of the other guns. However, we need to remind you the weapon is also way cheaper, so you can get it almost every time.

The Stinger is incredibly effective against Eco rounds

Learning how to play in an eco round in Valorant is incredibly important and for a good reason. A lot of people make mistakes when playing against an eco round and buy an expensive gun like the Vandal. Some get lucky and land tons of kills, but others die and give a free gun to their opponents.

In order to avoid similar situations, the Valorant Stringer guide suggests that you should use this gun against eco rounds. Besides the fact that it is really effective up close, it does not cost a lot of money. Moreover, even if you die and your enemies get it, the gun is not that strong, so it won't make that much of a difference.

Position in a way that allows you to use your Stringer’s advantage 

Valorant Stinger Guide - Is This Weapon Worth It?
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Since the Valorant Stringer guide mentioned that this gun is ineffective in long-range fights, having good positioning is your key to success. There are a lot of things you need to take into account, but the main one is that you need to be in a position where you can take close fights and don’t let your opponents react. 

Achieving this is no easy task, and it often requires you to be in weird angles. Moreover, since you have to be closer, you are also playing more aggressively, which means that you can often die. That’s why your goal should be to try and take down as many opponents as possible before going down.

If you are in a situation where you need to take a long-range fight, you have to be really smart. Most people who use the Valorant Stringer try various strafing techniques so they can be harder to kill and land their shots. Ideally, you should be near a box or something similar that will allow you to hide. As you can imagine, standing still is not an option because you are at a disadvantage, which means you won’t be able to do much against the enemy.

Valorant Stinger Guide – Running and Gunning – Does it Make Sense?

Running and Gunning are probably two of the fan-favorite shooting styles in every game, and Valorant is not an exception. Even though it does not work for almost all weapons, the Valorant Stinger guide shows that this one could be an exception.

Depending on the Agent you are using, there is a good chance that this shooting technique will help you achieve good results. Some agents that have a lot of mobility can take advantage of the SMG’s spray power when they are close to their opponents and do a lot of damage. Neon is a good example, and we also have to remember that this Duelist actually used the SMG in the game’s trailer.

You can also play Viper and double your SMG”s damage. However, this can only work in very specific situations and against enemies who don’t know how to play against her. Jett is also a solid pick on most maps.


Overall, the Stinger in Valorant can be a solid pick and it can help you be really successful, but only in some situations. The current meta is not that good towards this gun, but you can make sick plays and surprise your enemies. Having said that, we don’t think this option is better than the likes of the Vandal.

Usually, people use the Stringer when they want to have fun or when they are playing against an eco round. Keep that in mind when you are thinking of whether to get the weapon. 

Valorant Stinger Guide – Is This Weapon Worth It?
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