Valorant Vandal Guide 101 – How to Dominate With This Weapon

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Valorant Vandal Guide 101 – How to Dominate With This Weapon

Are you looking for a Valorant Vandal Gude? Let’s learn more about this gun and see how to dominate your games.

Valorant is a game where you can get all sorts of different weapons when playing. In fact, we’ve reviewed the complete list of options, so feel free to check them out and learn some details about each one. 

Having said that, this article will be more special because it will focus on something more specific. The Valorant Vandal guide will walk you through everything you must know about the gun before you start playing. We will learn how it works, what to do, what not to do, and how to make the most of it. Before we begin, don’t forget to read some of the basic things about aiming that every Valorant player should know.

Valorant Vandal Guide 101 – Basics

Valorant Vandal Guide 101 - How to Dominate With This Weapon
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Valorant has a lot of popular weapons, but most players will agree that Vandal is on another level. This gun is extremely powerful in many situations, which is why learning how to master it is important. 

Before diving into some of the specifics in this Vandal guide for Valorant, it is important to know the weapon’s stats. If you land a headshot, you will deal 160 damage, whereas a body shot deals 40 damage. Of course, hitting the legs will do even more damage, so you will need to hit more shots.

Phantom vs Vandal – Which to choose?

Both of these Valorant weapons have their pros and cons, and it usually depends on your personal preferences. However, what we’ve seen before completing this Valorant Vandal guide is that the latter is more successful because it requires less time to kill a target with a headshot. With that said, the other metrics, such as overall damage and similar things, are in favor of the Phantom, so keep that in mind. Ultimately, your goal should be to master both guns and use the best one for the specific situation/map.

Headshots and Distance are key when using a Vandal

As mentioned earlier in the Valorant Vandal guide, landing headshots with this gun will make it more successful than the Phantom. In other words, you should always try to do that when playing because this will allow you to be more successful.

There is no point in spraying someone down because it is better to focus on your accuracy and land a headshot. This will take some time to get used to, but once you master how to aim in Valorant, you should be much more successful.

Putting aside the headshot scenario, the Vandal in Valorant is similar to the AK-47 in CS2 when it comes down to its range of effectiveness. Although it can work at a close range, the gun is more successful when shooting at a distance, so try to use this to your advantage.

Spraying is not your friend

One of the common mistakes made by players who are new to Valorant is to spray with every gun they use, including the Vandal. There is no arguing that there are some instances where this can be beneficial, especially if you are in a tricky situation. However, an important thing to remember after reading this Valorant Vandal guide is that spraying is not your friend.

Even though it may seem like a good idea to spray, generally speaking, it is better to try and reset your recoil and try to tap fire or burst so you can have a one-shot capability.
Of course, there are some situations where spraying with the Vandal can be a good thing. For example, if you fail to land a headshot but you are sure that your shots hit the target, you can try to spray it down because you will need a few shots to do that.

Crosshair placement is key when using the Vandal

Valorant Vandal Guide 101 - How to Dominate With This Weapon
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Since headshots are so important when using this gun in Valorant, one of the most important things you should do is focus on having good crosshair placement. Learning how to do this will have a massive impact on your overall success because you will land headshots much easier.

Good crosshair placement is not hard, but you need some experience playing the game. To make a long story short, you should always try to place your crosshair in such a way that will allow you to one-tap your opponent when using the Vandal. It probably sounds complicated, but once you learn the maps and have an overall idea of how the game works, you will learn how to do it.

Buying a Vandal

Learning more about the Valorant Economy is of utmost importance because it will allow you to understand the game better. Thankfully, we have a complete Valorant Economy guide that will walk you through everything.

Speaking of economy, an important factor in this Valorant Vandal Guide is that the gun costs 2900 credits. In other words, you won’t be able to get this gun + full armor in the 2nd round after winning the first one. Despite that, a lot of people decide to get a gun because they want to get kills and end up dying with it. This is a huge problem because your opponents will have access to a really strong weapon in the next round.

Valorant Vandal Guide 101 – How to Dominate With This Weapon
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