What Are Eco Rounds in Valorant?

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What Are Eco Rounds in Valorant?

Here is a guide on what eco rounds are and how they work in Valorant

The economy is a big part of Valorant matches. Not having enough money in rounds means that your opponents will have better guns and, therefore, a higher chance of winning the fights. Thus, implementing eco rounds can help you adapt to economic losses.

Imagine you have lost the fourth round of a game, and you only have enough money to buy Spectre or Stinger with armor. Instead of purchasing those weapons that are likely to be inferior against Vandals or Phantoms, you can proceed with an eco round.

What Are Thrifty/Eco Rounds in Valorant?

By Valorant’s definition, a thrifty round is when the winning team spends less than 2500 credits, and it also must be less than their opponents. However, when people call for “eco rounds” in a game, there is no such strict condition or spending limit.

An eco round is when you save money to make sure you can buy good weapons and shields in the following round. In those rounds, most of your team will be purchasing pistols like Sheriffs or Ghosts; some may even get Stingers or Marshals.

The point of eco rounds, ultimately, is to ensure that you can buy good weapons and armor in the next round, even if you lose. Since you do not have the best weapons, you are likely going to face a loss going against the opposition’s rifles. However, if you win an eco round, your economy will boom, and your team might be able to purchase good weapons in the next few rounds regardless of winning.

What Are Eco Rounds in Valorant?

During an eco round, make sure your “MIN NEXT ROUND” balance is at least 3900 credits or even 3300 credits if you are okay with buying only a rifle and light shields. However, it’s better to have more left to purchase abilities, especially if you are playing Agents like Controller, Sentinel and Initiator, whose abilities are crucial in a round.

What Are Half Buys in Valorant?

Often, you will hear the term “half buys” in Valorant. While half-buy rounds may seem similar to eco rounds, they are fundamentally not the same. During a half-buy round, your team will have more money than in an eco round but still wants to ensure that they can buy the next round. Therefore, you and your teammates will opt for rifles alongside light shields; some may even get SMGs like Spectre.

The point of half buys is to make your chance of winning higher than eco rounds. However, similar to eco rounds, you will want to save enough money to have at least 3300 credits in the following round.

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What Are Eco Rounds in Valorant?
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