Valorant Sheriff Guide – How To Use This Weapon

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Valorant Sheriff Guide – How To Use This Weapon

If you want a Valorant Sheriff guide, this article will show you everything about this gun.

A while ago, we revealed the best Sheriff skins in Valorant because there is no arguing that this is one of the most popular guns in the game. Despite that, a lot of people are not sure how it works and what they need to do to utilize it properly, so they make a lot of mistakes. That’s why we are about to learn more details regarding the gun.

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Valorant Sheriff Guide – Basic Information

Before diving into some of the more interesting details, this Valorant Sheriff guide has to show you a few basic things about this gun that you may not be aware of. This is a Sidearm-type gun that costs 800 creds to get. Unlike some of the other pistols in the game, the Sheriff is characterized by having high wall penetration. Aside from that, here are a few other important stats you need to know:

  • Fire Rate – 4 rounds/sec
  • Run Speed – 5.4m/sec
  • Equip Speed – 1s
  • Reload Speed – 2.25s
  • Magazine – 6
  • Additional bullets – 24 (it has a total of 4 magazines)

In terms of the damage it does, the Sheriff in Valorant is extremely dangerous. If you land a headshot between 0 and 30m, you will deal 159 damage, whereas a body shot will result in 55 damage, followed by 46 damage for a leg shot. In the 30-50m range, the damage for a headshot drops to 145, the body is 50, whereas the leg is 42.

Learn how to master your recoil

One of the most important aspects regarding this Valorant Sheriff guide is related to the recoil. Since this gun has its specifics, learning how to control your recoil makes a huge difference when you start playing. People who can’t do that often have a lot of problems and are nowhere near as effective as those who are in control. 

Learning the timing of how you shoot will allow you to become way more successful than the rest. Once you know these fundamentals, you will feel more comfortable when playing. There are some general rules, such as the fact that you should not spam-shoot unless there is an enemy in front of you, but this is just one of the many specifics. Of course, tapping in long and mid-range fights is the way to go because it allows you to land your headshots much faster.

Counter-strafing is key here

One of the things you have to master if you want to be a successful Sheriff player is counter-strafing. It is one of the bread and butter of this Valorant Sheriff guide and for a good reason. People who know how to counter-strafe are a lot more effective with the Sheriff than the rest because they are more accurate.

Learning how to strafe in Valorant while using the Sheriff may take some time, but it is worth it. You can use the different practice modes to train that, and your end goal should be to land at least 80% of your shots when moving. Needless to say, doing this without starfing is next to impossible. 

The placement of your crosshair is one of the things that makes a huge difference

We all know that crosshair placement is an essential skill to have to be successful in Valorant. This is definitely true when playing with specific guns, such as the Sheriff. People who do not have good crosshair placement often have tons of problems and can’t land their shots, whereas those who know what they are doing are much more successful.

If there is one thing you need to remember after reading this Valorant Sheriff guide is that you have to place your crosshair in such a way that will allow you to land a headshot right away. Good crosshair placement is doing half of the job for you, so you need to know how to aim to bet better than the rest while using this weapon. 

Crouching a lot while shooting with the Sheriff is not a good idea

Valorant Sheriff Guide - How To Use This Weapon
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An important thing we need to include in this Valorant Sheriff guide is that crouching a lot while shooting with this gun is not always a good idea. It can be viable if you are close to your target, but you should never do it when you are firing from a long range.

Once you start crouching, you become an easy target for your opponents, especially if they have a better weapon. That’s why you should only crouch if you are really close to your opponent and there is nothing else to do.

If you hit someone with a body, it is okay to try and do the same

A lot of Valorant Sheriff guides will try to convince you that you need to aim for headshots to be effective. This is probably true up to a point because this gun is way more effective when you land headshots. However, we must remember that it also deals an impressive amount of body damage. 

If you try to land a headshot but accidentally hit someone in the body, there's nothing wrong in trying to land a few more body shots to kill him. A lot of people forget to do that and only focus on headshots, but this gun can be deadly even if you don’t land 1-taps. That said, it is definitely better if you master how to land headshots.

Valorant Sheriff Guide – How To Use This Weapon
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