Valorant Recoil Guide – How To Control Your Recoil

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Valorant Recoil Guide – How To Control Your Recoil

This Valorant Recoil Guide will show you how to control your recoil while playing this game.

Controlling your recoin is one of the fundamental things you need to know while playing Valorant or any other shooter game. We have shared a few key things in our how to aim guide, but we are aware that many people make mistakes. That’s why we’ve decided to use our own experience and come up with this Valorant recoil guide. In it, you will learn everything about how to shoot properly and control your gun’s recoil.

Valorant Recoil Guide – Basics

Valorant Recoil Guide - How To Control Your Recoil
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Like any other shooter, most of the guns in Valorant have a specific recoil you need to be familiar with. In case you do not know, recoil is a term used to describe the process where the gun discharges bullets and causes the screen of players to shake. This occurs when you press the down on the fire button for too long when spraying, bursting, and more.

Learning how to control your recoil is of utmost importance when playing Valorant or any other shooter. This will allow you to be way more successful because you will be able to kill enemies when spraying.

Learn the weapons’ spray patterns

One of the first things you should do when you decide to learn how to control your recoil in Valorant is related to the weapons’ spray patterns. Every single gun, no matter if you are using a Vandal, Phantom, or something else, has a specific spray pattern you need to be familiar with. This will help you because you will know exactly what you need to do to control it.

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Besides playing a lot, you can also watch videos about the recoils of each gun. There are tons of materials out there, so find what you like best, and you will know some of the things you need to do.

How to control the Valorant recoil?

Generally speaking, the easiest way to control your recoil in Valorant is by moving the mouse in the opposite direction of the recoil itself. In other words, if you are using a Vandal and the shooting pattern starts going up, you have to try and hold your mouse and move it slightly down. This is the basic thing you need to remember from this Valorant Recoil guide because it will allow you to be more successful.

Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how to control the recoil in Valorant,  you can be much more effective when spraying. The latter is a good technique to use in close to medium range encounters, but keep in mind that it will not work every time. Opponents who know what they are doing will always try to one-top you, so you must be ready for it and know what to do.

Generally speaking, you should not spray if you are more than 20 meters away. Even if that number is too high, it could work, especially if you have RNG on your side.

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Remember that improving your Valorant recoil and aim in general is a lengthy process. People who practice more are usually more successful than the rest, so you must put in the time to win. 

One of the best ways of training your Valorant recoil is to play Deathmatch. This will help you improve much faster. 


Valorant Recoil Guide – How To Control Your Recoil
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