Best Valorant Positioning Guide (TIPS & TRICKS)

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Best Valorant Positioning Guide (TIPS & TRICKS)

Here is the Valorant Positioning guide you’ve all been waiting for. Learn how to position properly. 

Everyone who played Valorant at least a couple of times knows the importance of having good positioning. Like other shooters, this is a game where everything counts. So, besides learning how to control your recoil and how to peek, you also need to know how to position properly. That’s why this Valorant Positioning guide will show you everything you need to know about it.

Valorant Positioning Guide – The Essentials

When talking about positioning and Valorant, one of the first important things you need to know is that you must have a plan. Knowing what to do and why you are doing it will allow you to be more successful than many other players. Unfortunately, this is among the common mistakes, which is one of the reasons why we’re mentioning it in this Valorant Positioning guide.

Another essential tip regarding positioning is that you need to try to have enough information about your opponents. Knowing what agents they have, where they’re positioned, and other important things will help you decide where to go and what to do. 

The utility pattern is also worth paying attention to. In other words, check whether the enemy team is doing the same thing every round because this is a common mistake in Valorant. Knowing this allows you to position yourself in a way that you can counter them.

Sometimes, it is better to allow your opponents to secure the point

A very common mistake we’d like to discuss in this Valorant positioning guide is related to defending points. You can often see people who are alone at a given point, and they know that the enemies are coming, and they will use tons of nades. Instead of staying on that point knowing you will die, it is better to leave it group up with your enemies in order to take it. 

To do that, you need to be positioned in such a way that will allow you to retreat when you see the enemies coming. Hiding behind boxes on the point itself is not a good idea because your opponents will eventually find you, and you will die.

Ideally, you need to communicate to have better positioning

Best Valorant Positioning Guide (TIPS & TRICKS)
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A common mistake made by people who play Valorant is not communicating with their teams. This is something you will find in every team-based video game, but shooters suffer the most because everything happens in seconds. 

Talking to your teammates before, after, and during the round will allow you to have much better positioning. For example, you can talk to someone and decide to set up a crossfire, which will allow you to deal with a push much easier. 

Take advantage of the angles

A very important thing you should remember from this Valorant positioning guide is that there is something called Angle Perception. To make a long story short, the idea here is to position in such a way that will allow you to have an advantage over a given angle once someone shows up. Usually, this is done by positioning far away from the angle so you have more time to react, but it depends on the situation.

In case you haven’t noticed, hugging the law in Valorant gives your opponent a huge advantage because the person can see you, and you can’t. Use this to your advantage when playing and positioning yourself in a way that will let you land an easy kill.

Holding a given angle the right way

Best Valorant Positioning Guide (TIPS & TRICKS)
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In our peeking guide, we’ve shared a few things you can do when you decide to peak in Valorant. Whether you are using a Vandal, Phantom, or a different gun, this will give you an advantage because people who peek properly always have a small lead against those who are not holding the angle right. The key here is not holding it right, which is why we want to share a few things in this Valorant positioning guide.

The first and most important thing to remember when holding an angle is to avoid being static. In other words, do not stay in one place because this will allow your enemies to kill you really fast. Of course, you should also not stay in the open because it’s always better to have some sort of cover. In other words, it is better to peeking and unpeeking fast. Besides giving you the peekers advantage, you also do not need to worry about being killed right away.

Should you take off angles?

The answer is yes, but it depends a lot on the map and what you are playing. As mentioned in this Valorant positioning guide, one of the core things you should remember is to have an idea of why you are doing something. The positive of taking an off angle is that you can surprise your opponents and get one or more easy kills. The downside is that you usually have nowhere to hide, so if multiple enemies push you, you will most likely die.

Some maps and locations will allow you to have somewhat protected off angles, which allows you to get a kill and hide after that. It depends on the situation, so learn more about the best locations on the map.

What to do after placing the Spike?

The last thing we want to talk about in this Valorant Positioning guide is related to the position you need to take after planting the Spike. A lot of people do not think about it, but this can make a huge difference when playing, 

To be honest, knowing where to position depends a lot on your agents. Some are better at defending, whereas others should try to play more aggressively because they are stronger. 

The end goal is to delay your opponents’ pushing and stay alive for as long as possible, so keep that in mind,

Best Valorant Positioning Guide (TIPS & TRICKS)
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