Best Valorant Peeking Guide You Will Ever Need

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Best Valorant Peeking Guide You Will Ever Need

Are you looking for the best Valorant peeking guide you will ever need? If so, keep reading to learn more.

Valorant is a complex shooter that has a lot of things going on. You need to know how to control recoil and how to use guns like the Vandal and Phantom if you want to be successful. But that’s not all because Valorant has several other important traits, one of which is peeking.

This Valorant peeking guide is about to reveal the secrets behind one of the most important techniques in the game. This is among the things that many people are doing wrong, and it often costs them the game, so let’s learn additional details about the entire process. We are having enough experience to know that this will have a massive increase in your overall win rate, so it’s important to learn everything about it.

Valorant Peeking Guide – Basics

Best Valorant Peeking Guide You Will Ever Need
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Peeking in Valorant is incredibly important, no matter if you are attacking or defending. It is one of the techniques that will make you much more efficient when taking fights. To make a long story short, peeking is the process of “revealing” yourself to the enemy. Doing it the right way will give you an advantage when you start shooting, whereas not doing it right will result in dying right away.

Learning how to peek in Valorant is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. A lot of people rely on playing as much as possible, which could work in many situations. However, others prefer watching the best players in action, learning from their mistakes, and copying their steps. 

Shift Walking Peeks are usually not worth it

One of the most common types of peeks you will find among the lower-level Valorant games is shift walking. The idea here is to remain silent while peeking and use this to gain an advantage over your opponent. This sounds really good on paper, and it could work in some situations, but it is usually not worth it.

If your opponents are good, they will be in such a position that allows them to act first when they see you showing up. Since you are slower when Shift Walking, you will be an easy target for them, at least in most cases. Of course, there are situations where shift walking can work well, especially in a 1v1 scenario.

Strafe shooting is the key to success

The most important thing players have to remember from this Valorant peeking guide is that strafe shooting is extremely important. Strafing, in general, can make you a lot more successful, but when you combine it with shooting, it makes the lives of your enemies much harder. 

Regardless of the type of peek you go for, strafing will make you more efficient. Your opponents will have a much harder time landing their shots, which will give you a competitive advantage.

To strafe in Valorant, press the key to go left and right, and then press the opposite key to stop your movement. When done right, this will allow you to trick your opponent and give you a small advantage.

Types of peeks

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When talking about peeking in Valorant, you can choose from several different types of peeks. The classic one is called a Wide Peek, and as its name suggests, it is when you show your entire body in the open. This is usually not a good idea, but you can catch your opponents off-guard, especially if they are not fast to react.

Jiggle peek is also a popular option among Valorant players, so we included it in the guide. This method is really effective, but it is hard to master, so you need to practice a lot. The idea is to show yourself for a second and bait your opponent to reveal his position. This can be achieved in two ways:

  • Strafing fast
  • Jumping

Once you learn how to master this technique, you should see a big increase in your win rate. Keep in mind a lot of people consider the Jump Peek to be a separate technique, but this Valorant Peeking Guide decided to add it to this subsection.

The concept of isolating angles in Valorant

An important thing we need to discuss in this Valorant peeking guide is the concept of isolating angles. This is something you should do when you are entering a given area of the map, and you have no idea about the location of your enemy. The idea here is to check every single angle before pushing so that your opponent does not surprise you. Of course, this is also related to peeking because you need to know how to peek to be able to do that properly.

Besides peeking, you can also use different abilities and utilities, but this is not always an option. That’s why it is better to focus on the special “cleaning peek”. This will allow you to clean the different angles 1 by 1. Once you learn how to do that, you can check a given angle without showing yourself to another one. In other words, you will be much safer.

Final thoughts

This Valorant peeking guide is important because it includes information about the things you should do. Many people do not have a clear concept of how to peek and only rely on their opponents to miss their shots. This may work in the lower ranks of the game, but high-level Valorant players will not miss their shots that often, so you can’t relly on it.

Another critical thing to remember is that you have to adjust your peek depending on what your opponent is using. AWPers are extremely dangerous to play against, so it is probably better to try and bait them. With that said, if you are the AWPer, you have to be much slower and try to surprise your opponents.

Best Valorant Peeking Guide You Will Ever Need
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