Most Successful Mid Lane Heroes after 7.34e

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Most Successful Mid Lane Heroes after 7.34e

If you were wondering which were the most successful mid lane heroes after 7.34e, you are about to find out. 

Being a mid laner in Dota 2 is incredibly fun because you are usually the team’s playmaker. However, it is definitely not easy, especially when there is a new patch, such as 7.34e. After seeing the biggest win rate increases and win rate drops following the Dota 2 patch 7.34e, it is time to pay close attention to one specific role – the mid lane. Many people are interested in it, so let’s see who the most successful mid-lane heroes are after 7.34e and what we can expect.

Arc Warden

Most Successful Mid Lane Heroes after 7.34e


Although it may surprise some fans, one of the most successful mid lane heroes after 7.34e is Arc Warden. He has been a solid PUB pick for a while now, and his most recent results are impressive.

After the arrival of the new patch, Arc Warden’s win rate is around 54.74%, which is among the highest in the game. There are a couple of reasons for his success, one of which is the fact that he did not receive any nerfs. Also, AW has always been a really strong mid hero in PUB games because of his ability to dominate in the laning stage. The only problem with the hero is that he is a bit harder to master, so you need to play a lot before you are ready to win. 


Like Arc Warden, some of the most successful mid lane heroes after 7.34e are not that popular in professional matches. For better or worse, Meepo is such a hero. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him in action because professional players do not want to focus on him. With that said, the hero has a solid presence in PUB matches and remains one of the best options you can get 

The only big downside if playing with Meepo is that he is very different from other Dota 2 heroes. Meepo requires you to have a good understanding of unit control. Moreover, he has a specific playstyle you need to follow, which means that not everyone knows how to use him.


Before I share any details about Necrophos, I want to say that this is a hero who can work in a lot of different positions. In fact, a lot of players use him in the offlane, but we’ve played several games where he was a midder. That’s the reason why we’ve decided to include him in this category.

Necrophos was among the best Dota 2 heroes prior to the new patch, and despite the nerfs, he continues to be a solid pick. With a win rate of around 52%, he is an option that can work in a lot of situations as long as you know what you are doing.


Most Successful Mid Lane Heroes after 7.34e

If you need a nuker in Dota 2, one of the first heroes that comes to mind is Zeus. He is incredibly powerful and can work in many different scenarios. The hero is easy to play, deals tons of damage,

and can lane against almost anything. That’s why it is no surprise that his win rate is around 52.60%.

Zeus is among the most successful mid lane heroes after 7.34e because he did not receive any nerfs. He was gaining popularity in the previous meta, so we expect to see a lot from him in the next few weeks. With that said, Zeus is not an option you can use in every setup. He is strong, but there are certain heroes that can be really hard to play against, so you need to be careful.

Outworld Destroyer

Most Successful Mid Lane Heroes after 7.34e

Another dominant mid-lane monster that is usually good in PUBs is Outworld Destroyer. He is not a hero you see in many pro and PUB games, but since he did not get any changes in the most recent patch, this could change.

OD can be an extremely annoying and strong hero to play against. Nevertheless, people who want to pick him should remember he has one major weakness – Black King Bar. He is pretty much useless against heroes immune to his abilities, so people need to be careful what they are doing.


Despite the nerfs, Kunkka remains one of the most successful mid lane heroes after 7.34e. He received a lot of bad changes that we expect to remove the hero from the meta. Sure, he is not as popular as before, but the 52% win rate shows that it is not impossible to play with him.

The most interesting thing about Kunkka is that it is related to the hero’s presence in professional matches. He was one of the best at The International 12, but the nerfs will most likely remove him from professional play. We will have to wait and see what will happen in the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023, which starts a couple of weeks from now.


Most Successful Mid Lane Heroes after 7.34e

The last name on the list may come as a surprise, especially if you look at the heroes with the highest win rate. Although we could have included names like Skywrath Mage and Clinkz, those heroes are not usually midders. This is not true for Sniper because this is the hero that almost always goes to the mid lane.

Like other most successful mid lane heroes after 7.34e, Sniper did not get any nerfs or buffs. His current win rate is around 50%, which is not bad, considering Spirit Breaker is a popular option. The latter is really strong against squishy heroes like Sniper, but since SB got a slight nerf, this will make this midder more popular than before.

Most Successful Mid Lane Heroes after 7.34e
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